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Fun Frolic
misctidsandbits8 June 2014
I think I gathered what this was supposed to depict, a hapless, rather clueless fellow, stumbling along into placement at last. This guy is several rungs down from even a Bertie Wooster. To me, he proved a treat in his assignment. I found the ride quite enjoyable, with that understanding.

Most folks know Christie as a serious and adept mystery writer, with finely tuned plots, characters and serious detectives. "The Agatha Christie Hour," however, was about her lighter weight, varied, early short stories which featured a gamut of venues and themes. They were not mysteries in the main, just episodes, and I thought interesting ones.

Having read and/or viewed the more serious and longer versions and adaptations, it was enjoyable to read and now view her earlier, shorter and lighter works.
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Broadly comedic episode, not one of my favorites
gridoon20174 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
George Rowland gets fired from his family business after repeatedly turning up late for work, so he immediately jumps on a train seeking adventure. And he finds it, when a young woman enters his compartment and asks him to hide her. He does, and she rewards him by giving him a small wrapped packet to guard, and pointing to a mysterious bearded man to follow, just as she getting off the train. George takes his new "mission" very seriously, but there is another shadowy figure that seems to be following HIM. "The Girl In The Train" has a promising set-up and some amusing moments, especially in the first half, but the lead, Osmund Bullock, is often trying too hard to be funny, and, depending on your tastes, he may get on your nerves (he's almost like an early British version of Jim Carrey!). Lightweight fare that cannot compare with another, darker train-related episode, "The Fourth Man". **1/2 out of 4.
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