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Robin helps aboriginals; favors diplomacy over warfare.
patrickharman21 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
wife & I are watching all 143 episodes sequentially; this is the worst episode we have yet seen! Credibility=0. The "Gaslight" plot centers around convincing a nobleman that he is one of a tribe of stone-age Celts living on his property. This ghastly device appears to be an attempt to link Robin Hood's philanthropy with the plight of American Indians and other aboriginals. Absolutely Awful! I thought for sure that Dalton Trumbo had written the screenplay. The previous episode was critical of capitalism and profiteering, but in a much less heavy-handed way. Friar Tuck's involvement was superfluous, at best, and served little in the way of plot development.

Do not much care for third season's Maid Marian (Patricia Driscoll?). Bernadette O'Farrell was much better in the role.
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