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piratecat-229 December 2006
This starts the whole series. Real quality a pilot movie that is just fun, action, suspense, and great chemistry with the cast. Comet the horse steals the show. Boller at odds with Brisco provides great dynamics. A cowboy genre with the turn of the century theme. A splash of scifi for the next episodes to explore. Great villains Bly, Big Smith, and Pete. Miss Dixie a piece of eye candy that gets the best of Briscoe. And the professor the odd ball who always aids Briscoe at the right times. Sit down with the kids. Because the whole family can watch this great TV show. A show that is as eclectic as unique. To honor the old west vetrans of the screen they have guest appearances of the Virginian, Cimmarron Strip, and wranglers of classic American TV shows.
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Fantastic start
Mr-Fusion8 May 2016
Pretty much the dictionary definition of a great pilot. There's plenty for the show to explore in later episodes, but the show's very essence is beautifully captured right here; great chemistry among the cast, turn-of-the-century trappings and an oddball of a hero: a Harvard lawyer/skilled cowboy/horse whisperer (but Bruce Campbell pulls it all off and injects the proceedings with obscene levels of charm). And that doesn't even address the bare-knuckled action. It's been a few years since I sat down with this show, but just the first 90-minute taste whets my appetite for more. And oh, the places this show will go.

Here's to more Brisco.

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exceptional episode.
oscar-356 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoiler/plot- The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., 1993. The Pilot, Eps 1. Briscos legendary father law-man is murdered by a large group of his haters prisoners during a prison train escape. Brisco vows to revenge his father's death and goes on a man-hunt to find ALL the criminals.

*Special Stars- Bruce Campbell, Julius Carry, Christian Clemenson, Billy Drago, John Astin, Kelly Rutherford.

*Theme- Family vendetta is not just an Italian thing.

*Trivia/location/goofs- TV air date 8/27/93. Shot in Los Angeles and environs, and Arizona.

*Emotion- An exceptional episode with clever sci-fi or fantasy plot elements, and as such the plot seemed very engaging and exciting. plenty enough surprise, action, comedy or drama. Unique and clever western fare.

*Based on- The producers and writers wanted to recreate the entertainment of the 30s-50s theatrical cliff-hanger film serials. Most were westerns or sci-fi. They succeeded. Western steam punk era stories.
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