Gomez Addams: Your mother's painting the gravedigger's scene from Hamlet. "Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio..." That's one of the most hilarious things old Shakespeare ever wrote.

Rockland 'Rocky' Cartwright III: You kids really live in this crumb box?

Wednesday Addams: We like it. It' so nice and eerie.

Rockland 'Rocky' Cartwright III: Dig?

Wednesday Addams: Only graves.

Rockland 'Rocky' Cartwright III: Oh, you break me up, sawed-off.

Gomez Addams: No one but no one can capture the wistful expression of a hyena like you, dear.

Morticia Frump Addams: Now, darling, we want this to be a real surprise to Rocky, so I'll instruct the children to keep it an absolute secret. They're not to tell a living soul - or anyone else for that matter.

Wednesday and Pugsley: [together] We know a secret. We know a secret.

Rockland 'Rocky' Cartwright III: Satan's comin' to dinner.

Wednesday Addams: That was last week.

Rockland Cartwright II: Who's the manager of this broken down fun house?

[Fester crashes Rocky's motorcycle while riding it through the house]

Uncle Fester Frump: That's what happens when you have a loose nut!

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