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  • Reed & Malloy examine domestic disputes when the sergeant catches a black eye and they are called upon to stop a domestic dispute at an ashram. Later, a liquor store owner miscommunicates a robbery call and an elderly woman is mad at a neighbor's loud music until she learns there was a deadly accident. Each time the officers think first and act second.

  • Malloy and Reed's thoughts are focused on what each constitutes as fun on their days off, and the funny yet unfortunate black eye one of the sergeants sustained in a domestic dispute call. A domestic dispute of another kind is their first call of the shift, where two krishnas have a funny way of demonstrating how much they love each other. Malloy and Reed then deal with a driver in a red Mustang who seems to have purposefully provoked a car chase, the driver who ends up surprising them. Malloy and Reed's thoughts change to the issue of life and death in their final two calls. The first concerns a liquor store owner who illegally used his silent alarm to deal with what was not a hold up or robbery. And the second concerns a residential noise complaint that ends up having a much more serious issue at its core.

  • It is a shift of conflicts forcing the officer to use their wits to keep control and make the right decisions end on a low note.


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  • Malloy and Reed settle a dispute between two men and afterwards chase a pretty woman speeding in a red Mustang. Then they are called in response to a silent alarm and arrest three hoodlums. Reed has the chance to shoot the suspects and chooses not to. Later they respond to a noise complaint and discover a young girl has drowned.

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