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kapelusznik1828 August 2016
***SPOILERS**** A Pre-Columbo TV series Peter Falk is low level hood Greg Brovane who's a total dud in the crime department never going above petty thievery and getting caught every time he commits, like jumping a subway turnstile, a criminal infraction or brakes the law.This Bozo wants to live up to his late father Dan Brovane's accomplishments and follow in his footsteps who died behind bars when Greg was 13 serving a life sentence in taking down 4 cops-Without as much as suffering a scratch- in a violent gun battle in the Bronx back in 1944. Now Greg finally made the big time in a grocery store robbery where he's accused of gunning down to persons a cashier and security guard in the process!

Gladly taking credit for the double murder and like a stool pigeon fingering three of his accomplishes Greg waits to get convicted for 1st degree murder and achieve immorality in the world of crime by being strapped into and zapped-With 2,000 volts of electricity-in the Sing Sing electric chair: Something that even his late father "Mighty Dan" Brovane never, as much as he tried to, accomplish! It's 87th Precinct police detective Steve Carella, Robert Lansing, who feels that Greg is full of cr*p since his "Tall Story" just doesn't make any sense and his accomplishes in the crime don't seem to have ever existed! In either real life or even in fiction!

***SPOILERS*** As it turned out the dim-witted and not so with it Greg was brainwashed by the three hoods that in fact pulled off the robbery, minus the two persons who were murdered, lead by Tully Borgman, Frank Sutton, to take the rap for them. Even going so far as getting him to admit to two murders that he didn't commit that can end up getting the brainless Greg executed! It's Grege's sister Peggy,Roxane Berard, who gets him to be injected with truth serum and finally spill the beans on Tully and his boys! That leads to Tully & Co. getting busted by the NYPD and best of all Greg getting the professional mental help and therapy that he so badly needed!
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