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"The 4400" Pilot (2004)

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When a comet that was supposed to harmlessly fly by the Earth suddenly changes course, the extinction of mankind seems imminent. Countries around the world launch nuclear missiles to destroy it before it can destroy the planet, but surprisingly, the missiles have no affect. The reason: this is no comet.

The ball of light enters the atmosphere, and just when it looks like humanity is about to go the way of the dinosaur, the ball slows, hovers, and eventually touches down. Soon after, the light shrinks to an intense point, then explodes outward in a concussive burst, leaving behind 4400 people, including men, women and children of all ages. All are missing persons who have been gone anywhere from a few months to 50 years - and none have aged a day beyond when they were last seen.

The 4400 are rounded up, quarantined, and eventually released back to their families. As they begin to try and reconnect with their "life interrupted," not all is well: soon after their release, some of the returnees begin to experience unexplainable, and for some, uncontrollable new abilities. It's up to Tom Bishop and Diana Skouris, two Homeland Security agents, to unravel the mystery behind the 4400.


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