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Excitement And Entertainment Gone A Few Notches Higher

Author: Desertman84 from United States
12 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Jack learns of a man named Jacob Rossler, a programmer who has links to Ivan Erwich. Rossler has agreed to reprogram the detonators on the canisters. Erwich threatens a mechanic at a garage to cut open the canisters to access the detonator. Logan, Mike and Martha discuss the best way to handle the Cummings situation, with Martha wanting to tell the public the truth. McGill has personal problems involving his sister, a drug-addict, that draw him away from work. McGill is attacked by his sister's boyfriend who steals his money and his CTU access card.

Jack and Curtis infiltrate Rossler's apartment and apprehend him. At his apartment they also find a young Ukrainian girl Rossler has kept in captivity as a sex slave. A deal is authorized in exchange for Rossler's help, but the girl shoots Rossler, killing him.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.President Charles Logan chastises Walt Cummings for getting involved with terrorists. Walt justifies himself by telling him that their plan was to detonate the nerve gas at the terrorists home base, until Ivan Erwich found out about his plan. Mike Novick considers to cover up Cummings' involvement to the media, but Martha thinks Logan should tell the truth. Later, Novick calls Logan and tells him to come downstairs to see that Walt Cummings has apparently hung himself.

2.Lynn McGill talks to his drug-addicted sister, Jenny, who needs money. The two meet outside CTU, when Jenny's boyfriend hits Lynn from behind and steals his money and his CTU key card.

3.Ivan Erwich tells a mechanic named Cal that he and his team needs his help cutting into the canisters. Rossler gives Erwich specific instructions on how to cut them, on the phone. Rossler tells him they need to meet and Erwich agrees to call back in five minutes.

4.At Counter Terrorist Unit, Bill Buchanan tells Audrey Raines that President Logan has temporarily reinstated Jack. Chloe identifies the man from the intercepted conversation from Erwich. A man named Jacob Rossler, a software programmer.

5.Jack Bauer and Curtis Manning raid Rossler's apartment and apprehend him. Erwich calls Rossler as Jack listens, and Erwich tells him he has the identification keys for the canisters. However, as they are about to move him, Rossler's female companion shoots him much to Jack's dismay. Curtis tells Jack that Rossler's was their only link to Erwich and he will call any minute.

Things get moving in this episode of 24.Events happens as fast as they could and there seems to be no dull moment in it.That is why the fun continues at 24.The excitement and entertainment have gone up a few notches higher.

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The End Of Diane, Derek, Walt & Jacob

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
14 June 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, we find out Jack still loves "Audrey Raines," which disappoints "Diane Huxley," as would be expected. Diane tells Audrey that if she doesn't love Jack, then let him go. My personal take: Jack should take Diane and her kid "Derek" and thus have a family again. She's a nice woman, the kid seems to have a lot of respect now for Jack....but I think Diane and her son are probably history on this show. That would be a shame but it wouldn't shock me as so many good people disappear from "24" every year.

Walt Cummings turned out to be history when he hung himself. I guess being disgraced was too much for him. This President should consider that option.....he is such a wimp and idiot, it's annoying. Now that he's back in good graces with wife, after she convinces him to use her as his chief adviser and he does, the First Couple is happy. Few others are, as is the case normally, as terrorists are getting closer to getting their nerve gas up and running. In an odd scene, "Lynn McGill" (Sean Astin) has a bad moment with (I presume) his ex-wife who's a druggie and comes to him for money. They meet outside and McGill is mugged by a guy he doesn't see, since he's talking to this woman he calls "Jenny." I'm sure we will be seeing more of her. This program likes to divert to some personal stories here and there to give us a break from the ongoing suspense and action.

Chloe is more rude than ever. Her ex-boyfriend is employed for 20 minutes to help C.T.U., and Edgar is happy those two aren't seeing each other. I doubt Chole (Mary Lynn Rajskub) would ever go out with Edgar (Louis Lombardi) but he has the hots for her. Gee, there are two social losers there, although really Edgar isn't a bad guy. It's just that fat guys have little chance nabbing the girls of their dreams, even if they are ugly and PMS chicks like Chloe. I have a feeling Edgar is setting himself up for some major disappointments down the road.

Jack is hoping to see his daughter. I hope so, too. I'd like another look at Elizabeth Cuthbert, who I haven't seen since the third season.

Jack's also back in good graces with everyone, beginning with this nerd President, who also has to apologize to "Mike Novick" (Jude Ciccolella), one of the more consistently-good characters on this show. Jack makes a believer out of everyone sooner or later, but then everyone dumps on him and wants him fired hours later. Gee, a guy could get a complex.

Meanwhile, in the most intense part of the program, perhaps, we see a man named "Jacob Rossler" (Patrick Bauchau), who is helping the terrorists re-configure the remote trigger so they can get the cannisters to go off when they want. Rossler also has a 15-year-old kept girl from Russia that he is physically abusing. In exchange for his help, after being captured, Rossler wants freedom and the right to keep the girl. Jack has already promised this poor beat-up girl that he'd keep her safe....but now how does he keep this promise? Well, she doesn't help the situation at the very end of this show with a shocking scene. I'll let you see that one without saying any more.

Note: In a two-second scene we see a staffer give someone some papers. I thought, "Wow, that look just like John McCain." Well, it was!

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Cool, but also disappointing

Author: ubercow71 from United States
6 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode was very interesting, but the fact that Elisha wasn't in it was dumb. I was really excited to see her again, but o well. Maybe next week. But I love how the last 2 minuets of every episode are always the most exciting! I wonder what is up with the one guy and his sister that is a crack head! I also hate the Russian dude who has to kill everyone! He's done that about 3 times now! The ending was cool, but for as of every episode it screws up how u were going to think what would happen in the next episode. I wonder what the 15 year old girl is thinking. Anyways, I think that the episode was cool, but could of been better. so I give it an 8/10

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