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Taut, Tension-Filled Episode
ccthemovieman-16 November 2007
This is an excellent episode filled with almost nothing but tension as it picks up from the end last week and keeps the heat on most of the way.

Well, I guess "Jack Bauer" (Kiefer Sutherland) had turned into "Dirty Harry" because he's just about on his own now. His replacement, "Ronnie," didn't last too long and Jack isn't going to sit by and do the wrong thing which his ignorant and/or corrupt boss, "Erin Driscoll" wants him to do. This show starts off as the last one ended with Jack tracking the guy who kidnapped Chloe's computer-hacker friend "Andrews" and killed Ronnie. This is all in hopes that this terrorist will lead him to the kidnapped Secretary of Defense.

One also wonders what the Islamic terrorists really want. It is more than just kidnapping and executing a high government official, because of this Internet business, which hasn't been explained yet. Also, there are 24 episodes in this series and they can't end it in a few weeks when the kidnapping "deadline" threat is carried out, unless that is simply the end of the Secretary, and the show moves on. You never know with this program, which is another reason it is so popular - you can't always predict what will happen. Meanwhile, the interrogation of his belligerent son is still going on. He was in the house when his dad and sister got kidnapped and claims he knew nothing about what transpired or how the terrorists knew their dad was going to make an unscheduled stop to see him. The kid's a punk so I don't mind seeing him made uncomfortable.

We get a new CTU character in here, too, a former girlfriend of Curtis. She's Marianne, and she's added to the list of possible suspects, meaning they usually have "moles" on this show, people who infiltrate the CTU and are working with the terrorists. It's too early to tell who that would be, if that's the case, but the sinister Marianne is shown to be somebody to keep on a close eye on.

At any rate, this was a super episode and the time went by quickly. It ends with Jack coming up with a very clever idea.
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Things get moving
Max_cinefilo899 February 2009
The third hour of Day 4 is an improvement on the beginning of the season because it's more about the suspense and race-against-the-clock nature of the show than making us care about the new characters. Plus, it's an excellent showcase of how incredibly riveting Kiefer Sutherland's performance can get.

More than in previous seasons, Jack proves he can go all Dirty Harry when necessary, insisting that he needs to follow a suspect who might lead him to Andrew Paige, whereas Erin Driscoll prefers interrogating Secretary Heller's son (Logan Marshall-Green) and issues an order for Jack's arrest. His only ally is Chloe, who must come up with a scheme to help him without getting noticed, a task that proves less easy than expected when subordinates like Sarah Gavin (Lana Parilla) turn out to be a real pain in the ass. In addition, a new asset shows up at CTU: a certain Marianne (Aisha Tyler), who has a history with Curtis Manning (Roger Cross) and immediately raises the latter's suspicions.

In theory, one could accuse the writers of creative complacency, since a character like Marianne is bound to be untrustworthy, but given similar people in other seasons - most notably Gael Ortega in Day 3 - turned out to be the opposite of what the audience suspected, chances are something different is in store. The main center of interest, however is the already mentioned revival of a plot element that never becomes boring, namely Jack's justified tendency to go rogue. In particular, this episode's ending suggests that development will be more fun this time than it has ever been before.
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James Heller On "Trial"
Desertman8411 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack tracks the terrorists with Chloe's aid and rescues Paige, who is badly beaten. Behrooz pleads with his parents when they order him to bring his girlfriend to their home for questioning. CTU agent Curtis Manning uses harsh methods to interrogate Richard, who is believed to know something about his father's kidnapping as Driscoll continues to search for Jack. However due to the rural area through which Jack is tracking the terrorist he must use satellite coverage to avoid detection. As the terrorist makes a quick stop for gasoline, Jack stages a robbery to keep him there until satellite coverage is established.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.James Heller is threatened on a live video feed. He tells Audrey Raines to escape during his "trial".

2.In the Araz family, Behrooz tells his mother Dina that Debbie Pendleton may have compromised the terrorists' security. Debbie arrives at the Araz home.

3.At the Counter Terrorist Unit, Curtis Manning expresses concern about new intelligence agent Marianne Taylor. Jack Bauer refuses to follow the orders of Erin Driscoll.

4.Jack Bauer is shadowing Kalil Hasan, refusing to arrest him, and needs satellite coverage from Chloe O'Brian. He poses to rob the store to hold Kalil until the coverage can be provided.

Controversy of the politics of torture characterized 24 and it is evident here as Curtis interrogates Richard Heller.Also,we get to see a controversial method on how James Heller is being placed on "trial" which depicts some nations' hatred towards the United States especially Arab countries.And things get moving on for Day 4 as we view several interesting subplots that even includes the Araz family,whom I consider would probably generate more interest rather than involving Kim Bauer in another adventure of her own just like in the previous seasons.
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Two things that annoy me about 24
kris-gray7 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Don't get me wrong from the summary but I really like 24, so far, however there are two things that really annoy me. I'm currently working my way through a DVD box set of 8 series and currently on series 4. So far in every one Jack's boss always seems to be an idiot who doesn't listen to him, despite having proved himself to be right every time. In this series he is once again being hunted by the boss because he is not doing what he's told, come on this is getting tiresome.

Secondly the over use of the expression 'What are you talking about' especially when it is always a rhetorical question, for example 'So and so is dead' 'What are you talking about' 'A bomb went off somewhere' ' what are you talking about' 'so and so has been kidnapped' 'what are you talking about'. I mean do you get the drift? I really wish I had started counting how many times it was used in each series, maybe I'll start with series 5.

Having said all that I am still enjoying it.
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