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The situation heats up
Max_cinefilo896 February 2009
That Jack Bauer is a bad-ass has been a well known fact ever since 24 made its first appearance. That he has problems with authority is also a given. It's a relief, then, that the opening episode of Day 4, for all its minor weaknesses (not very interesting new characters), was keen to remind us of Jack's official status as contemporary television's ultimate tough guy, with our hero risking jail time just to prove he was right and his former boss wrong (he tortured a suspect, you know).

Episode 2 picks up from that point, with Jack convincing Erin he's trustworthy enough to get reinstated for the time it will take to rescue Secretary Heller and Audrey Raines. She reluctantly agrees, knowing Jack is probably the best at following up on their only lead so far: Andrew Paige (Lukas Haas), a computer programmer who was in the wrong place at the wrong time (kind of typical, since Haas played the Amish boy in Witness) and is now wanted by the terrorists. While both fronts look for him, things get complicated for the Araz family when young Behrooz is asked to carry out an assignment and his girlfriend Debbie follows him to the warehouse that's being used to detain Heller. In addition, a video of the hostages is broadcast, with the terrorist leader announcing Heller will be put on trial in three hours.

From a character-related standpoint, the most interesting aspect of this episode is how Chloe O' Brian is allowed to become a nicer person than she was in Season 3, establishing her new role as Jack's primary ally (an element that will be developed in the future), while everyone else is practically the same as in the previous hour. Not that there's much time to nag about annoying characters: the real-time pace is still a killer, and that's why, even in its more "disappointing" moments, the show is nothing short of positively thrilling.
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Who Can You Trust?
ccthemovieman-16 November 2007
Things intensify as Jack bargains to temporarily reinstate himself with the C.T.U. with hostile boss, "Erin Driscoll" (Alberta Watson). He gets some help from Chloe, who actually is pictured in a positive light, which is rare.

Speaking of women, boy does it look like there are very few likable and trustworthy ones in this show, at least at the beginning here. "Driscoll" seems mean, the terrorist teen boy's girlfriend "Debbie" is a royal pain in the butt and the kid's mother always is making faces so something is up with her. I don't like Jack's girlfriend, either, but maybe that's just me.)

The men aren't exactly feel-good people, either, but not as annoying as these women, except for the Secretary of Defense's son, who is a real piece-of-work. The Secretary. "James Heller," seems pretty solid and it's good to see veteran actor William Devane play him, but outside of he and (Keifer Sutherland as "Jack Bauer," is anyone a nice person, capable and trustworthy? We expect the villains to look bad, but the "good guys" too?
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Desertman8411 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack pushes Driscoll to reinstate him in the wake of Heller's kidnapping. He finds himself working as a subordinate when the Field Ops team goes to pick up Paige. Behrooz Araz finds himself torn between his loyalty to his parents and his feelings for his girlfriend as he is sent on his first assignment to deliver a briefcase containing the override device to Omar, the leader of the group holding Heller. Heller tries to comfort his daughter as his captors broadcast their intentions to put him on trial on the Internet. Meanwhile, Andrew Paige is pursued by assassins and contacts CTU.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Jack Bauer is re-instated at CTU.

2.Omar kidnaps Andrew Paige.

3.Behrooz Araz brings a briefcase to the compound where James Heller is being held.

4.Ronnie Lobell is shot and killed by Kalil Hasan.

5.Richard Heller is upset that he's being treated by Curtis.

6.James Heller tells Audrey to escape when she has a chance. The terrorists tell the world that Heller will be put on trial for war crimes, and if found guilty, they will execute him.

This episode presents characters in complex situations.Where does their loyalty belong to?What beliefs are they willing to stand for?What decisions should you make when there are no clear options?Whom are you willing to sacrifice?The TV series becomes complex early on.For this reason alone,the show becomes more interesting than ever.
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