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This Is One Diabolical Ex-First Lady!

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
25 May 2007

Boy, they have a couple of diabolical women on this show! There was Nina Myers and now Sherrie Palmer, ex-wife of the President. To those of you who saw the first two years, she is no stranger, but this is my first year of viewing this....and I am stunned the brutal mental state of this woman. This female obviously has no conscience and Penny Johnson does a nice job playing her.

Now, she goes to Palmer's Presidential opponent and offers her services, telling Sen. John Keeler what happened regarding Milliken's death and that the President is an accessory. Tell him that, she says, and he will have to bow out of the race.

Meanwhile, the head of the C.T.U. sabotages the efforts to capture Stephen Saunders, the man who still has 11 vials of a deadly virus. Told his wife was being held hostage, he aids Saunders in his escape and is now trying to get the killer's daughter loose for an even swap for his wife. Nice spousal dedication but we are talking about millions of lives in the balance, so I am curious when Tony Almeida will pay for this well-intentioned but stupid and treasonous move. Slowly, the rest of the C.T.U. - mainly Jack, Adam and Chole - are figuring out somebody at C.T.U. is putting a monkey-wrench into this critical situation.

Well, near the end they do, in a big way as Almeida literally breaks Jane Saunders out of the building. What else could possibly happen to this group of employees at the C.T.U? This has gone from a solid to a very unstable group of employees! The same could be said for the Palmer brothers!

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Keep it up, Sherry!

Author: Max_cinefilo89 from Italy
10 September 2008

After showing up briefly halfway through the season and then disappearing, Penny Johnson returns one more time, this time playing Sherry Palmer the way we like her: manipulative and ice-cold.

Despite her attempt to help the President in earlier episodes, Sherry seems to have reverted to old habits as she offers Senator John Keeler (Geoff Pierson), Palmer's opponent in the next election, the chance to crush him by revealing what really happened to Alan Milliken. While the political situation escalates in the worst fashion, things don't go too well for the CTU either, since Saunders managed to escape, presumably with help from the inside. In fact, he has captured Michelle and is using her to force Tony to set his daughter free. How that will happen remains to be seen.

The classic blackmail scenario is brought back to the series in two different incarnations: on one side there's Saunders manipulating Tony, which foreshadows serious repercussions by the end of Day 3, on the other there's Sherry and Keeler allied against the Commander in Chief. It's a sign of the writing team's cleverness, the fact that they have managed to give a fresh angle to the traditional "political conspiracy" subplot in every season. Of course, when you've got Penny Johnson playing the conspirator, why not use whatever good ideas one might have?

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Tony betrays his country for his wife

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
21 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Following on from helping Saunders escape Tony is desperately trying to cover his tracks... the fact that Saunders is threatening his wife is unlikely to be considered a mitigating factor given the fact that Saunders is threatening to release a deadly virus. Saunders demands that his daughter is returned to him so Tony must act fast to get her out of the building before he is caught. It won't be easy as Jack has relieved him of command following the debacle when Tony instructed everybody to move to the front of the building... of course Jack thinks it is a mistake rather than a deliberate act on Tony's part. Away from CTU Sherry Palmer, the president's ex-wife, is up to her old tricks again; this time helping her former husband's rival by telling him what happened to Milliken and his part in the cover up; of course she wants something in return.

As the series starts to approach its conclusion more surprises arise; the biggest of which is obviously the way Tony has helped a man in possession of weapons of mass destruction evade capture... he may be doing it to save his wife but given just how dangerous Saunders is it wasn't expected. Carlos Bernard does a fine job as Tony; a good man in an impossible situation. It was fun to see Penny Johnson return as the devious Sherry Palmer; she is a great character. While it wasn't a major part of the episode we were reminded that the outbreak in Los Angeles is still ongoing; no doubt it will be dealt with soon though... they only have three hours left!

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Sherry Is Back For More Trouble

Author: Desertman84 from United States
11 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

At CTU, Jack and Chloe become suspicious of Tony, who plans to trade Jane to her father in exchange for Michelle. Tony is forced to step down as head of CTU while Jack takes provisional command. Sherry meets with Keeler and proposes a most devious agreement.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Wayne Palmer tells President David Palmer that Sherry was meeting with Senator Keeler privately. Sherry tells Keeler about David covering up her assistance in Alan Milliken's murder.

2.Jack Bauer finds out that Tony helped Stephen Saunders escape custody. He takes over as Director of CTU.

3.Stephen Saunders lets Michelle speak to Tony. He then tells Tony to get his daughter, Jane out, or Michelle dies.

4.As Jack lets CTU know that he is now director, Tony Almeida tasers a guard to get Jane out of CTU. Chloe lets Jack know that Saunders has Michelle, and is using her as leverage.

5.Saunders talks to Tony and tells him that he will get further instructions. Jack asks security to locate Tony, but they cannot.

Just as Vice-Presidents are sinister characters of 24,one cannot forget how sinister this first lady - Sherry Palmer - is especially in this episode.

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