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The biggest shocker of Season 3

Author: Max_cinefilo89 from Italy
20 August 2008

In 2008, Empire magazine made a list of the 50 best TV shows ever produced. 24 ranked #6, and this episode was regarded as the best of the entire series up to that point. As I have already said elsewhere, I prefer the fifteenth hour of Day 2, but Empire's choice makes sense as well, since this is the single most shocking and unforgettable moment of Day 3.

Unlike any other episode, this is truly a race against the clock: the CTU has only one hour at its disposal to locate Stephen Saunders, otherwise Jack will have to carry out his latest instructions and murder his own boss, Ryan Chappelle (Paul Schulze). The latter is horrified by the news and asks Jack to do whatever's possible to prevent the terrible eventuality from coming true, hence the deployment of an entire strike team, led by Chase, which will try to find Saunders using his phone signal. Meanwhile, another problem materializes when Michelle learns one of the hotel guests left before the quarantine was issued, meaning he could spread the infection all over Los Angeles.

That last revelation adds a conspicuous amount of tension to the story, but the real core of this episode is the fate of Schulze's character, which in many ways reflects the departure of George Mason (Xander Berkeley) in the previous season. Both George and Ryan were introduced as obnoxious, by-the-book bureaucrats, always in the way whenever Jack tried to do the right thing. Mason was subsequently humanized throughout the second year of the show, whereas Chappelle appears at his most humane only now, when he faces the possibility of a violent death. Then again, as he points out toward the end of the episode, he has no one who really cares for him, so why bother trying to be nice? Well, turns out he is mistaken: we, the audience, have learned to appreciate his pain-in-the-ass behavior over the course of his sporadic appearances (eerily enough, the number of episodes he is in adds up to twenty-four), and his final bow is guaranteed to leave few people with dry eyes.

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Racing Against The Clock, With A Shocker At The End

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
24 May 2007

Well, Ryan Chappelle was informed by Jack of the President's call. He isn't too happy. Can you blame him? The race is on to find Saunders by 7 o'clock or Jack may have to kill his boss! Wow, this is getting a bit too strange. Both men also are trying to figure out what Ryan knows that would make this terrorist want to kill him. Paul Schulze, by the way, does an outstanding job as Chappelle in this episode.

Meanwhile, Gael has died and hotel patrons are sick and dying. A pill is going to be offered them, if they want it, to kill themselves before their certain death becomes too painful. Michelle has not yet had the visible symptoms which indicate death is certain.

I've had very, very few complaints about this compelling drama but I have to ask why several members of this cast, most notably Carlos Bernard as "Tony" always speak in a whisper? Do you know anyone who talks in a whisper to you all the time? I don't. Sutherland does it have the time, too. Is this some of sort of acting thing that is supposed to make the actor sound more dramatic? It's very annoying and unrealistic. Another annoying thing is how many people at C.T.U. have to be told "Just do it," because they balk at first at half the things they are asked to do. Chloe is the worst offender. People in these extreme high-priority positions would do as they are told the first time, or else would be replaced after a couple of instances of this insubordination.

Anyway, back to the appears one nameless guy, who came into the hotel on a one- night stand with this woman, might have slipped out of the hotel, which would be a potential disaster. Another disaster is that they if don't find Saunders by 7, Jack has to kill his boss. Well, I doubt that will happen but I don't see them finding the villain yet, either.

The ending of this show is one of those that leave you with your jaw dropping, as if you can't believe what you just saw! I know I was stunned. I've never a show end like this.

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Why the f#ck some people are voting this episode with 1?? This is going beyond me!

Author: jigsaw-91 from Spain
2 November 2013

This episode is excellent and is one of the best episodes 24 has ever had. The plot with Ryan Chapelle is really heartbreaking. But there is a problem. This episode had a weighed mark (9,1 or 9,2 if I don't fail to remember it) but when I made my comeback here, I found myself into the madness and anger when I saw that this one had a SO UNDERRATED AND UNAPPRECIATED MARK OF 8,3!!! WTF??? I understand that some people could not love or like this show. I understand it and all my respect to that people. But when I saw that this thing on every masterful episode of the show (S1 - 12-24, S2 - 15 & 24, S4 - 24, S5 - 1-12-24, S6 - 4...) I realized that some group of people or someone with several accounts is making bad and injury to the ratings of this show. I'm not going to believe that episodes that are considered the best of the best and at this time in 2013 were sill being loved to all the viewers are now at so low points even in comparison with other transitional or even weaker ones that have their mark.

Please, a note in a movie or episode or anything could guide people to watch it or not or even to voting it positively or negatively. But, please, don't manipulate people and not to vote 1 just to see a legendary episode fallen.

The only thing you will make is to force people not to trust in web pages like this and to stop having it in consideration to vote a show. And this could be so sad...

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Jack Is Forced To Kill

Author: Desertman84 from United States
11 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With Chappelle's life on the line, Jack and Chase race against time to capture Saunders before 7:00 AM – the deadline for his next demand. Michelle begins a frantic search when she learns that an infected hotel guest may have slipped through her fingers. Chase leads a TAC team to a building where Saunders is believed to be hiding but finds only a control node used to lure CTU. Jack is forced to kill Chappelle after CTU fails to find Saunders in time.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Michelle Dessler of the Counter Terrorist Unit lets Tony Almeida know that someone may have escaped the hotel infected with the virus. The man becomes symptomatic.

2.Stephen Saunders orders President Palmer to kill Ryan Chappelle. Jack lets Ryan Chappelle know of Saunders' latest demand. However, they may have found Saunders before the deadline.

3.Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds lead a team to apprehend Saunders, but he is not in the building.

4.Jack Bauer is forced to execute Ryan Chappelle.

After the failure of locating Stephen Saunders,Jack is forced to follow President Palmer and give in to one of his demands.He is forced to kill someone ordered to be executed.It was truly one shocking events of this episode as tension level increases in Day 3.

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Extraordinary Episode "SPOILER ALERT"

Author: shabaz_draey from As Sualyamaniah
5 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This Episode was historic, (MAKE SURE TO WATCH BEFORE YOU READ!)

First of all I would like to say, I have never written a review in IMDb before, but for this episode of 24, it had to be done.

It was emotional, and crazy at the same time, we learn't more about the legend Cheppel, the fact that he always acted heartless and a leader that always followed protocols was now over, he started shaking towards the end, and he tried taking his own life to prove that he can trust his self. He told the truth about the cigarette, and believe it or not guys, I smoked one the moment he went out for that ciggi, and for the end I went to the stores to buy a camel ciggi to honor him.

This episode was amazing, un-explainable, there for I will say no more.

R.I.P Chappel :'(

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Shock and awe

Author: Mr-Fusion from United States
8 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One of the best episode of "24"; and not just because of the last- minute bombshell, but because it's a very well-engineered hour of television. With Jack ordered to kill Chapelle "within the hour", it plays out as a will-they-won't-they? Can CTU find Saunders in time or will Jack actually have to pull the trigger?


This, as Michelle paces the hotel waiting on her blood test results. And seeing Ryan shot dead in the middle of nowhere (oh man, they actually did it) heightens the stakes for Michelle. No one's safe, and it wouldn't be hard to just write her off.

It all really comes down to that last scene in the trainyard, and it is heartbreaking. Paul Schulze really gives Chapelle substance, and humanizes him beyond just the sniveling bureaucrat we love to hate. No one expected the guy to elicit sympathy, but Schulze and Sutherland just nail the scene.


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A shocking conclusion!

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
13 November 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After a phone call from the president Jack learns that if they don't find Saunders by seven o'clock he is murder his boss Ryan Chappelle! Chappelle has no idea why Saunders wants him dead but it is suspected it is because his attempts to follow the money trail may be getting close to a break through. With this knowledge Chloe is told to give all her time to breaking into a Cayman Island bank account; she is successful and an address in LA is identified as the site Saunders was forty five minutes previously... it is just a question as to whether Chase and his team will be able to get there and catch Saunders before Jack is forced to carry out his difficult order. Meanwhile it has become clear that somebody left the hotel after the virus was released but before a lock down could be established. Nobody knows who the man was; he was with a woman for a one night stand and she paid for the room; if he was infected all the work done trying to contain the virus could have been in vain.

This was one of the tensest episodes yet as we are left wondering whether Saunders will be caught in time and if he isn't will Jack carry out his order to kill Chappelle. So far Chappelle has come across as a stickler for the rules who has never actually been in the sort of danger other members of CTU are in routinely. Here Paul Schulze puts in a fine performance as a character who is understandable scared but is ultimately willing to be sacrificed. The events in the hotel were almost as tense as they rush to identify the man who has left the scene; especially when we learn that he is in fact infected. After the shocking end to the episode I look forward to learning what the consequences will be.

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