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Problems Keep Piling Up

Author: ccthemovieman-1 from United States
18 May 2007

Oh, man, there are always a ton of new problems. Now, this little kid - Claudia's young brother - spills the beans to Hector that he, his sister and father are all planning to leave. (Jack has promised he would get them out of there.)

So, now Jack's short-lived respite is over and Claudia could be in big danger. Can she talk her way out of it? (Moral: never tell a little kid something you want to remain a secret.)

We also see a tough scene with Chase being interrogated more. He's not giving up any information, but he's taking a terrible beating. It's not fun to watch.

At the C.T.U., Tony and his wife are not on the same page regarding his competency, working despite being in the hospital a few hours ago and Chole is pouting about some personal matter. That woman has always got something to frown about. What is her problem?

Claudia, her little and father all escape with Chase but one of them is killed while speeding away in the truck.

Meanwhile, Jack is trying to stop the transfer of the virus to the new buyer, Nina. The transaction hasn't happened yet and he thinks he can persuade his wife's killer ("Nina") to make a deal with the Salazars.

Lots of action in the end, and tons of more suspense, along with some political posturing by Wayne and Alan Milliken's wife, another evil woman in this episode.

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More deception

Author: Max_cinefilo89 from Italy
19 August 2008

As the drama thickens, more side-changing takes place and new deals are made in order to make (almost) everyone happy, on both sides of the board.

In Mexico, Jack attempts to convince Nina Myers he still has feelings for her, so that she will accept to join him and the Salazars in the acquisition of the virus. Of course, that stunt has slim chances of success, given Nina killed Jack's wife. Back at Hector's hideout, his girlfriend Claudia (Vanessa Ferlito), who has also been involved with Jack, helps Chase escape, although things get tough when her little brother inadvertently rats her out. On the political front, Wayne Plamer tries to stop Alan Milliken by going directly to the source of the problem: the whole mess originated from his having an affair with Julia Milliken (Gina Torres), Alan's wife, and he meets her at dinner hoping she can persuade her husband to back off.

These three plot strands proceed at the usual high speed, leaving little, if any, time to breathe. Most satisfying is the confrontation between Jack and Nina: he had already expressed his wish to kill her during the last season, making it very clear he would let nothing get in the way; now, for the sake of one cover, he must build another one. It's as morally complex and challenging as good prime-time dramas can get, and we're not even halfway through the season.

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Surprising alliances

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
29 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

After the shocking revelation that Nina Myers, the woman who killed Jack's wife, is working for the other buyers there is another surprise when Jack proposes working with her to get the virus; this will be a dangerous proposition; not only will he have to convince her that he is no longer working for CTU he must be able to give her a better offer. The meeting is only possible because Gael has got in touch with Hector again and explained that he was in a meeting for a couple of hours; Gael then feeds Hector the seller's location which he acquired using CTU facilities. While Ramon and Jack are trying to make contact with Nina, Claudia is helping Chase escape in return for him getting her family away from Hector.

Back in the States Wayne is trying to get the president out of the bother with Alan Millikan; he doesn't have much luck though and it is soon clear that Milliken's threats were far from idle as senators he backs start dropping their support for a key piece of the president's legislation. With support dropping away the president decides that he too can play dirty and gets in touch with somebody from his past who is an expert at playing dirty... his ex-wife Sherry!

This was another gripping episode with a good amount of action and some fairly gruelling scenes where Chase's torture continued a even more gruelling when he used a piece of red hot metal to cauterise a wound, James Badge Dale did a fine job in these scenes; it really did look as though he was suffering. As well as good action there are scenes that nicely set things up for later; no doubt things will get interesting with Nina and I'm sure Sherry Palmer's return will make things more interesting on the campaign.

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Sherry Returns

Author: Desertman84 from United States
10 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Claudia Hernandez, Hector's girlfriend who has a romantic past with Jack, manages to free Chase from his captors, but she gets killed while escaping the premises. David calls on his ex-wife Sherry for help against Milliken, who is on the warpath against his presidency. Jack and the Salazars track down Nina in hopes of intercepting the virus.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.President David Palmer is threatened by Alan Milliken to fire Wayne. Palmer enlists the help of his ex-wife, Sherry Palmer, to get to Alan.

2.Jack Bauer tells Claudia that he is still working for CTU and that he set up the deal to take control of the virus.

3.Claudia tells Chase Edmunds that the virus the Salazars are going to buy, he is going to take from them. Chase helps Claudia, Sergio and Oriol escape the Salazars, but Claudia gets shot in the crossfire.

4.At the Counter Terrorist Unit, Tony Almeida says that they still haven't established contact with Jack, and tells the Delta Teams to stand down until they find him.

5.Michael Amador tells Jack and the Salazars that another buyer, Nina Myers, is interested in buying the virus.

6.Nina wins the auction for the virus, but Jack tries to convince her to be a part of the Salazars' deal.

Sherry Palmer returns for more trouble in this episode.Also,more problems arises especially with the Salazars and Nina Myers,both of whom are interested in having possession of the virus.

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