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Torture time
Max_cinefilo8925 March 2008
"You really are very sweet...". Normally, a phrase like that is not followed by murder, but hey, 24 is no rom-com, right? Still, cute little Marie Warner (Laura Harris), one of the bad guys? Kudos to the writing team - never saw that one coming.

So, with Reza dead and Marie on the run, Jack's only lead in the pursuit of Syed Ali is Kate Warner, who overheard a conversation between the terrorist leader and his followers: he is going to a mosque for one final prayer before the attack is carried out. While the manhunt reaches its end, David Palmer has to make a tough decision as he has Roger Stanton arrested and brings in a torture specialist (Steven Culp) to extract information from the treacherous NSA director.

Whereas the majority of thrillers would exploit similar plot lines to squeeze in some extra action/violence, this series relies on intelligent scripts which highlight the complex personalities that inhabit the show's relentlessly gripping universe. Revealing a typical L.A. girl was working for the enemy is a stroke of genius; accompanying that with an unseen character trait of the Commander in Chief is one of the program's most laudable achievements. Having already dealt with Palmer's rougher side in Day 1, when Sherry's machinations required desperate measures, Haysbert goes even deeper in this episode, and he does it with a profound sense of self-awareness that puts all other TV presidents, The West Wing's Bartlet aside, to shame. Those who wrote the watchable but utterly dumb Harrison Ford vehicle Air Force One ought to take note: this is how a realistic Presidential figure handles bad events.
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The Cougar Episode
Desertman849 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Syed Ali is tracked to a nearby mosque and Kate helps to identify him by going undercover. Palmer goes to extreme lengths to uncover Stanton's hidden information. Kim's day hits a low point when she encounters a predator in the woods and gets caught in a hunter's trap. After the prayers are finished CTU wait as the worshipers leave the mosque, but Syed is nowhere to be seen. Jack leads the TAC teams only to find someone burnt alive believed to be Ali.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.President Palmer has Roger Stanton arrested and interrogated by tortuous methods.

2.Kim Bauer, having escaped from the police, gets lost in the wilderness while finding her way. Jack Bauer inquires about her whereabouts.

3.Syed Ali orders Marie to pick up the trigger from Marko's place of employment.

4.Jack informs Kate about Syed Ali's role in the terrorist plot. Kate identifies Ali in the mosque. Upon attempting to apprehend him, CTU agents find what they believe to be Ali having burned himself to death, then resume the search upon discovering that it was a decoy.

This episode features the infamous "cougar" scene, which is frequently cited as the low point of the series by both fans and critics. In the years since this episode aired, many of the cast and crew of 24, including Kiefer Sutherland, have jokingly referred to the cougar as a metaphor for the outlandish plot developments, particularly in regards to Kim Bauer, that they would later try to avoid.Too bad that this has to happen.
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