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Breaking the Rules
Claudio Carvalho26 October 2007
On the day of the California Presidential Primary, between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM, Janet is left injured on the road, but later they decide to return and execute her. Nina is absolutely upset with Jack Bauer, but she seems to understand his reasons and together with Jamey they try to disclose the scheme and the conspirator in the CTU. However, District Director George Mason is called by Tony Almeida and shuts down the agency. Jack escapes of the lock-down to follow a lead in the key card and Nina and Jamie cover him in spite of being pressed by Mason. The secret service tells the assassination threat to David Palmer, and he tells his wife that a reporter called him telling that Keith had murdered the boy that raped Nicole, and his therapist George Ferragano would have told the truth to the journalist. Jack chases and captures a criminal and he tells that Kim has been kidnapped.

The fourth episode of "24" is also excellent. David Palmer unravels the bad history to his wife; Nina and Jamey help Jack, and I believe the conspirator might be Tony Almeida; Jack finally finds that Kim has been kidnapped. The lack of competence of the police is very impressive. The continuation of the story is excellent. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "3:00"
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Complications arise
Max_cinefilo896 December 2007
Day 1, 3:00 a.m.-4:00 a.m. : Jack and Nina come across a new lead, only to be interrupted by George Mason, who shuts down CTU and leaves Bauer with no choice but to break out in order to locate a suspect. Meanwhile, the kidnappers deliver Kim to Gaines, who intimidates her with a recycled, yet still effective threat: "Be good and you'll be back at the mall in a day or two, be bad and you won't". Furthermore, David Palmer tells his wife about the incriminating article: according to the reporter, the Senator's son, Keith, killed a man who had raped his sister, whereas the autopsy indicated it had all been an accident.

Apparently, the show was picked for the entire 2001-2002 season after this episode, and it isn't hard to understand why: with characters and set-ups like these, plus the tension-raising time device, who could possibly switch off the TV before finding out how it ends? The conspiracy thickens, lives are constantly at risk and no one dares to even think of napping with so much going on.

Highlights are far too many to list, but my personal favorites include: Mason verbally abusing Nina (played by the actor's real-life wife), who he refers to as "Jack's lapdog"; Palmer having his first relevant conversation, series-wise that is, with his spouse Sherry (Penny Johnson, an invaluable presence), hinting at interesting events in the future; Jack exposing his rawer side to a policewoman while tracking down a hostile ("Cops have to play by the rules. I might have to break a few with this guy."); and a brief, chilling appearance by a pre-Deadwood John Hawkes, whose killer line (sorry, I can't spoil that one) metaphorically punches the protagonist in the stomach and makes the closing split-screen more harrowing than usual. Who would have thought one's day could get this bad?
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Jack the Bad Guy?
g-bodyl30 April 2015
This is the fourth episode of the first season of 24. Things really start to heat up and the continuation of the story progresses even better in this episode. I also liked this episode because now even Jack's organization is turning against him and he has enemies from all sides as he tries to make things right.

In this episode, "3:00," Jack has to escape his workplace when the district director, George Mason orders a lockdown. But he gets Nina and Jamie to cover for him. Senator Palmer learns of how the reporter learned about his son's incident. Kim is taken to Ira's place, and Jack learns that Kim may have been kidnapped.

Overall, this was yet again another solid entry in the 24 series. This episode really shows what Jack is up against. An action-packed episode that promises bigger and better things.

My Grade: A-
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Meet George Mason
Desertman8413 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
District Director George Mason (Xander Berkely) shuts down CTU forcing Jack to escape in order to follow up on a lead on a conspirator. Nina and Jamie try to cover for him.While Senator Palmer discovers how a reporter found out about Keith. Jack finally learns that Kim and Janet haven't been kidnapped as he follows a lead from Walsh's card. At CTU, Nina and Jamey Farrell (Karina Arroyave) decide to go against Mason's orders and help Jack. Kim is handed off to Gaines' men. Janet is taken to the hospital.

The episode never fails to bring action-packed entertainment and excitement to the viewer.Also,it provides much more as another memorable character in George Mason is introduced in the show.He,together with Jack Bauer and Nina Mayers,shows what 24 is all about.
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