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The Real Traitor

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
29 October 2007

On the day of the California Presidential Primary, between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM, Jack Bauer is contacted by Victor and Andre and they ask him to meet Senator David Palmer to release their assets of US$ 200 millions and then kill Palmer after. Meanwhile Palmer lures Patty, who believes that has seduced him, and fires her. Sherry justifies her actions telling that it would serve to higher purposes. When Jack meets Palmer, he notes that the cell phone is a bomb and saves the senator again. Jack asks Palmer to say to the press that he is dead, trying to buy time and rescue Kim. Kim manages to escape from Drazen and his men jumping in the water. In CTU, the traitor calls Victor and Andre and tells that David Palmer is alive.

In the twentieth third episode of "24", the identity of the real traitor is disclosed and I confess I could never imagine that this agent was dirty, and I was disappointed with this character. The cynicism and Machiavellism of Sherry is impressive, being one of the most amoral characters I have ever seen. On the contrary, the attitudes of Senator David Palmer are awesome. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "22:00"

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Almost there...

Author: Max_cinefilo89 from Italy
20 January 2008

With only one episode left until the end of the season, how many more punches could 24 pull? The answer is: a hell of a lot more. Packing one of the show's most inventive ideas, this penultimate hour sets things up for the cataclysmic finale with laudable precision.

Precision is shown within the episode as well, a single rifle shot shattering Jack Bauer's handcuffs and setting him free to carry out one last assignment for the Drazens: allow Victor Drazen to speak to David Palmer, then take him out. If he doesn't comply, his daughter will be executed. Meanwhile, Palmer handles the Sherry situation by firing her accomplice and confronting his Machiavellian spouse directly.

As the plot moves towards its closure, the claustrophobia increases (most of the hour takes place in Palmer's hotel room or Drazen's safe-house) and the paranoia reaches new heights: Jack and the Senator teaming up again is a joy, given the perfect chemistry between Sutherland and Haysbert, and Sherry's attempt to double-cross them both make her behavior almost more despicable than Drazen's, as the writers put the finishing touches on a characterization so rich and ambivalent no other female "villain" in the series has come close to that kind of amoral charm.

Most fundamentally, though, the twenty-third chapter of Day 1 provides the definitive answer to the question everyone's been asking since the season began: who is the mole? The revelation is unexpected, intriguing and brilliant - and reminds viewers of why they fell in love with the show in the first place. A thrilling build-up to a no doubt excellent conclusion.

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The Real Mole

Author: Desertman84 from United States
5 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Victor Drazen threatens to kill Kim unless Jack Bauer kills David Palmer, but Jack is once again able to foil the plans. Believing that Palmer is dead, the Drazens agree to trade Jack's life for Kim's. Kim manages to escape the Drazen compound and swim to safety. Teri tells Jack she is pregnant, while a second mole is revealed at CTU.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Jack Bauer tells Palmer to talk to Victor Drazen when he calls. Palmer answers the phone, and Victor detonates the bomb hidden inside it. The Drazens hug in celebration.

2.Senator David Palmer is listening to Jack explain that Victor needs to believe the attack was a success. Sherry refuses, and David explains that his daughter is being held hostage.

3.Victor Drazen tells Andre not to do anything until they know Jack is dead. Andre speaks to Jack and finds out he is alive, and Jack offers to trade himself for the life of his daughter. Andre tells him to come to the Port of Los Angeles.

4.Kim Bauer throws coffee into a guard's face and runs out through the docks. Andre points a gun at her but she jumps into the water and swims to the shore.

5.Nina Myers calls Andre, identifying herself as Yelena. She tells Andre that Palmer is not dead, then hangs up.

This is the finest penultimate episode of the first season of 24.Everyone finally knew who the real mole at CTU was.She was obviously dismissed by Jack at first but later one proved to be real.

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Palmer is great and Nina's reveal is shocking, but not perfect

Author: david-71760 from United States
12 June 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

David Palmer firing Sherry's conspirator was a great scene. Since the beginning of last episode, it seemed that Palmer was compromising his principles to be with this woman. It didn't make sense to me. When he set up the scene and fired her, he brought himself and his wife closer to the confrontation that would have to take place over the issues of the day. He took control.

He did compromise his principles when he got the press to believe he was dead, though. After spending the entire day trying to tell get the truth out, he hid the truth of his death; this would obviously hurt his campaign because of the inevitability that the people would have to find out he survived- and covered it up- before he could resume his campaign.

In one of the first episodes, Jack accused Nina of being the mole. It should have added a lot of tension between them, but she simply said "You were way off on this one," as if she were uncertain if she were the mole. I thought it was a cop-out to send the focus on something else, but now it actually makes sense; since she was the mole, she was uncertain if he had figured it out. Once he dismissed the idea, she had to appear angry for a little while longer, but didn't do it well because she was scared, not angry.

Nina's reveal as the mole did weaken some of the story, though; Richard Walsh was a bad agent...the only people he said Jack could trust- Jamey and Nina- were the two moles in CTU. In reality, they were the only two people in CTU he couldn't trust. Clearly the writers overlooked this, simply using it as a way to surprise the viewers. And it worked, through pure shock value.

Kim's escape from the Drazens was unrealistic, and took a little away from the quality of the episode.

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