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Mission to Destiny
ametaphysicalshark22 May 2008
In "Mission to Destiny" Blake is offered the location and means to go to the planet Destiny in exchange for finding the killer on board of a spaceship led by a captain Kendall.

"Mission to Destiny" is an exciting, thrilling Blake's 7 episode that functions somewhat like you would expect a murder-mystery in space to, but offers plenty of twists and unexpected plot devices to keep the viewer entertained for the 51-minute running time. The acting from all the guest stars is good and the atmosphere is excellent, aided by the solid design (again, considering the budget) of the locations in the episode.

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Who Done It ? Who Really Cares ?
Theo Robertson23 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Mission To Destiny isn't really a bad episode though it's hardly a good one either . In it's defence the worst adjective you can level at it is is " bland " . Likewise there's a couple of other episodes in the season that are also bland . It says something about the series ( at least in season one ) that you never feel your skin burn in profound embarrassment as you watch an episode . This is not the case when you sometimes watch a very duff episode of DOCTOR WHO

The story is basically a whodunnit set in space featuring the Liberator crew in general and Avon in particular trying to solve a murder mystery on board the space liner Ortega . One thing in its favour is that the episode does find a reason for the crew to split up with some remaining on Ortega and some staying on the Liberator with those crew members staying on the Ortega being unarmed which means they're defenceless if some bad guys turn . Hmmm I wonder if that spaceship approaching the Ortega is full of bad guys?

Not a great episode being a whodunnit . Once who know who the murderer is and their motives for doing it there's not a lot of reason to rewatch it but neither is it the worst episode the series has ever produced
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