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Without a doubt, a legend in sketch comedy
mystic8027 January 2000
Only words can describe this truly gifted comic actor. From his outrageous, true to life impersonations of Frank Sinatra and Bill Clinton to his brilliantly offbeat characters like Anal Retentive Chef and Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. Phil Hartman remains a legend in sketch comedy. This tape, which should've been much, much longer features some of Hartman's best work. He'll definitely be remembered for his contribution to comedy.
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Excellent tribute
Op_Prime3 May 2000
The Best of Phil Hartman is a great tribute to one of SNL's best alumni. His greatest stuff from his years on the show is here, including but not limited to Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, Bill Clinton and Frank Sinatra. Phil Hartman was without a doubt one of the most talented and funny of the SNL cast. This is an excellent tribute to him.
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Legendary sketch comedy
Eugene Frazier (Parsifal6)1 September 2007
Phil Hartman may not have had the hype during his SNL career that Dana Carvey, Mike Myers, Chris Rock and Adam Sandler received, but he was easily their equal in talent and importance to the show's reputation in the '90s. As has been said before, he was as versatile and reliable as Dan Aykroyd was to an earlier era. It's not just the dead-on impersonations of Clinton, Donahue, Sinatra, etc. that are so funny, but maybe even more so the oddball original characters who can turn ordinary lines like "This is something; this is nothing..." or "Oh, there's a little tear in the paper bag.."into comic gems. I love this DVD just for Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, which manages to simultaneously spoof primitive minds and legal weasels. "Your world frightens and confuses me!" We miss you, Phil.
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Truly great clips of an underrated performer
todmod22 December 1999
While there was tons of material to choose from, Saturday Night Live does a great job of picking excellent Hartman sketches that had me dying laughing. The characters are all hilarious. This is a great video for any Hartman fan, and it will make a Hartman fan of any who haven't seen him. Easily a 10.
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