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Seinfeld is a genius
White Dolphin15 October 2000
Jerry Seinfeld is one of the funniest stand up comedians out there today. Sure he may not be a saint (buying a whole building just for his cars)- but we do need to cut him some slack as he provided millions of people with millions of laughs for a long time. I saw "I'm Telling You For The Last Time" before I actually got into the series itself (I was young when it first aired and so now I am feasting off reruns). The fact that I had not seen nearly every Seinfeld episode (which now I have see most of) made this bit of stand up even funnier as I had never heard most jokes before. But still, It aired again a little while later and even though it was my second time seeing it, it was still very funny. Definitely recommended to all Seinfeld fans and I believe that many others will also be entertained. If you liked this and the Seinfeld series I would also recommend Jerry Seinfeld's book "SeinLanguage". Of course it's much funnier when you can can see and hear him tell the jokes and so if this ever comes on TV again you can bet I'll be taping it.
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Highly Recommended! Highly re-watchable!
tkd_master18 December 2004
Jerry Seinfeld is one of my favorite comedians. His materials and observational humor are always fresh and hilarious because of his superb delivery style.

A few years ago, we were so happy to find a copy of his HBO special at a local video store. We bought it without hesitation. Haven't watched it for a few years, but recently, we decided to pop it in the VCR and watch it again. We were pleased that all of his jokes were still very funny and relevant.

The HBO special "I'm Telling You for the Last Time" was for Seinfeld to perform his routines one last time before retiring them for good. Here is a recap of his materials in the HBO special: Cab Drivers, Air Travel, Florida, Halloween, Supermarkets, Drugstores, Doctors, Men & Women, McDonald's, Chinese People, Olympics, Scuba Diving, No. 1 Fear, Sky Diving/The Helmet, Clothing, Late TV, Crooks, Horses, and Bathroom.

I'm sure in a few years when we pop it in the VCR again, it would still be very funny and watchable. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Best stand up performance ever!
Ryan Kerr15 November 2011
Jerry Seinfeld is a comedic genius! He is the only comedian I know that is so insanely funny without using any profanity. It's so refreshing to hear a comedian not swear every few seconds. His jokes and stories are so relate-able, I think that's what makes all of them so funny. Hearing jokes about common everyday things is funnier than hearing some comics' made up story about a very unlikely experience. Moments in this movie you will be rolling on the floor laughing no matter how old you are. The audience in the movie are really lively, that's always good. You tend to laugh less if there's a tough crowd. Jerry is such a likable guy and so is this performance. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh
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Funniest man in history!!!
martymaster9 August 2001
This stand-up show got all of Jerry's greatest material and are told with such great body language. Jerry are here showing that he can stand on an empty stage with just a glass of water and make you laugh for 78 minutes. The different jokes are so well mixed together that it forms a whole story at the end.

I think this show can make anybody laugh even though they don't like the "Seinfeld show". But if you are a Seinfeld fan,this is a MUST.

This is truly the best stand-up show ever.
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Really enjoyable hour of stand-up
bob the moo16 February 2009
Shortly after the funeral laying all his "bits" to rest, Jerry is confronted by a young boy who is shocked that Seinfeld would retire and convinces him to do a show one last time.

Unlike many HBO comedy specials, the opening segment of this one is actually pretty amusing and it is only the "OK kid" moment that is wooden and clunky. After this we get right into the stand-up show which is consistently funny. Much like his sitcom, Seinfeld's material is based in reality and in the tiny aspects of life that everyone in the audience will recognise. The thing that makes it funny is what he does with them because he is blessed with a great comedic imagination and way of seeing things that allows his to draw the humour from them. Whether it is air travel, men, the chemist, sports or horses, he keeps the observations coming and even his little throw-away lines are funny. His delivery is great as well and his physical delivery helps his gags and does make it worth seeing the DVD rather than just the CD audio.

OK so it will not be everyone's cup of tea and I totally get that some people do not like this sort of comedian but for me this is imaginative, fresh, free of crudity and consistently funny. A really enjoyable hour of stand-up.
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viridianstar23 July 2002
The man really is a comic genius. I first heard his monologue on CD, and that was side-splitting enough. When I saw the videotape, though- his actions and facial expressions make it twice as funny. Case in point: the airline sequence, where he can add another scene because he can use physical comedy. Also in his scuba-diving sequence, or any part where he "dances". He can make a long, hilarious comedy sketch out of, well, nothing. He is the King of Nothing- and that's the best thing he could be. 10 out of 10!
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Incredibly funny
Op_Prime17 November 1999
Jerry Seinfeld is a very funny stand up comic. The material he used in this performance was creative and very original. I liked this very much and watch it very often. Find it at a video store and rent it or see it on HBO. You will not be disappointed!
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The funniest DVD yet
Morlos16 December 1999
If you liked the show, you will love this. In fact, the only thing that p***ed me off about this is that it ended.

I hope to see the show on DVD soon. Until then, I'll watch this live show.

Buy it, rent it, watch it. I'm telling you for the last time.
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the funniest stand-up around!
btlqt6 April 2003
For those of you who have not been able to see Jerry live this is a must-see! His comedic timing and his knack to notice little quirks most normal people don't pick up on, make this a performance of a lifetime!
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The Best
mdancingcutie0130 July 2007
Seinfeld is perhaps the best comedian alive today. Here is why, his jokes are funny, he works the audience, uses body motion and lastly, his jokes are CLEAN. Too many comedians think that they are funny because they curse every other word and repeat the same joke 10 different ways.

Seinfeld tells his joke, it is funny, clean and he gets the punch out the first time around.

All comedians need to watch this DVD and learn from him.

I recommend this to everyone. You will start laughing from the very beginning and you will not stop until the end! Enjoy
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