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Proceeds at that pace to an ending that is as inevitable as it is poignant.
Chicago Tribune
Moves at an agreeable, meandering pace but never loses its verve or its sharp humor.
Ten Items or Less is not landmark cinema nor is it deeply thought-provoking, but it's smart, funny, knowledgeable about life and people, and a crowd-pleaser.
10 Items or Less is nearly an acting class exercise, except for the fact that these two have long since graduated.
By the end, 10 Items Or Less has the obnoxiousness of a vanity project. Freeman is having a better time than we are.
Wall Street Journal
It's just a little film that strives to be likable, and is less so than it might have been.
New York Daily News
Every potentially worthwhile or amusing moment in writer-director Brad Silberling's 10 Items or Less could be told in 10 minutes or less, with credits included.
The Hollywood Reporter
Ends up having all the satisfying substance of a supermarket impulse item.
New York Post
Strictly remainder-bin material.
It all feels like an insubstantial short that's been stretched to the breaking point.
Entertainment Weekly
I don't know if it's ickier to assume that writer-director Brad Silberling (Moonlight Mile) thinks the culture-clash jokes he pushes in 10 Items or Less are charming because they're earnest, or because they're tongue-in-cheek. Either way, this sale is void.

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