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  • After his partner Tom Lone and family are killed apparently by the infamous and elusive assassin Rogue, FBI agent John Crawford becomes obsessed with revenge as his world unravels into a vortex of guilt and betrayal. Rogue eventually resurfaces to settle a score of his own, setting off a bloody crime war between Asian mob rivals Chang of the Triad's and Yakuza boss Shiro. When Jack and Rogue finally come face to face, the ultimate truth of their pasts will be revealed.

  • An FBI Agent seeks vengeance on a mysterious assassin known as "Rogue" who murdered his partner.


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  • In San Francisco, FBI Agents John Crawford (Jason Statham) and Tom Lone (Terry Chen) are at a Dock Warehouse. Tom lives with his wife & daughter. Toms daughters younger than 10. John lives with his wife & son. Johns sons younger than 10. The Chinese Triads are also at the same Warehouse. Crawfords carrying a shotgun. Toms carrying a pistol. Tom and John manage to kill more than 2 Chinese Triads. Rogues(Jet Li) also evil. Rogues also a notorious assassin. Rogue wears a mask. John fails to shoot Rogue. While Johns looking for Rogue, Rogue shoots Johns arm. Rogues about to kill John, but Tom manages to shoot Rogue in the face more than 1 time. Since Tom shot Rogue, it caused Rogue to fall into the water. John tells Tom that the mans name was Rogue. John also tells Tom that Rogue stopped working for CIA. Since Rogue stopped working for CIA, its probably because Rogue betrayed CIA. John also tells Tom that Rogue worked for Japanese Yakuza. But Tom doesnt believe that Rogue exists. Few minutes ago, John found trademark titanium shells with depleted uranium slugs & John realized that those titanium shells belong to Rogue. Titanium shells refer to Gun Shells. John tells Tom that Rogues gun shells have Rogues signatures. Now, Tom believes that Rogue exists. San Francisco Police also shows up. 1 day later, John & his family are planning to go to Toms house. When John calls Toms house phone, Tom tells John that Rogue's body was never found. Tom also tells John that Rogues body mustve got eaten. Rogues presumed dead. After John talks to Tom, John turns off the phone. Unfortunately, its revealed that Rogues still alive. Rogue was able to locate Toms house. Rogue wants to get revenge because Tom shot Rogue. Rogue wants to kill Tom. When Rogue breaks into Toms house, Rogue forces Toms family to go into the bedroom. Toms inside the bathroom, but Tom doesnt know that theres an intruder. When Tom comes out of the bathroom, Rogue shoots Tom in the face. Tom realizes that Rogues still alive. Rogue probably beats up Tom. Rogue throws Tom into the bedroom. When Rogue steps on Toms back, it means that Toms unable to move. Rogue uses a pistol to kill Toms family. Few minutes later, John & his family go to Toms house. They find out that Toms house got set on fire. Since the police found 3 dead bodies inside Toms house, it means that the dead bodies got burned. One of the dead bodies is a guy. The 2nd dead bodys a lady. The 3rd dead bodys a girl. Since there were 3 dead bodies inside Toms house, it means that Tom & his family are dead. When John goes inside Toms house, John sees Rogues Gun Shells. John realizes that Rogues still alive. John believes that Rogue killed Tom & his family. John wants to get revenge by killing Rogue.

    Crawford wants justice for his partner and vows to kill Rogue to get even. In the mean time, Rogue skillfully incites a war between the Triads and Yakuzas in San Francisco for no apparent reason. Rogue seems to be working for the local mafia Chang (John Lone) while he kills his son-like man in Triads and skillfully manages to let him believe it's done by the Yakuzas and tips the man's brother about a man working under Shiro (Ryo Ishibashi), leading him to his location of a tea house where the rival gangs fight while Rogue sits in a winow picking off anyone coming out with a sniper rifle from both gangs.

    Rogue is a very good fighter, an excellent liar and is skilled at vanishing abruptly. He works for the Japanese Yakuza while still workin with Chang's Triad and kills Chang upon the Japanese mob's orders. But he didn't followed the mob's full order by not killing Chang's wife and daughter as he previously promised Shiro.

    Crawford finds out Rogue had actually changed his face by plastic surgery and found the surgeon who done the same and confirms his current identity of Victor Shaw (Jet Li). By his watchmen, Crawford manages to get snaps of Rogue killing Shiro's assassins and assisting the wife and daughter of Chang into a car. Crawford gives these snaps to the Shiro who finally turns up in San Francisco cleverly lured by Rogue using a pair of priceless gold horse statues (one of them is a fake of the other) from Japan. Shiro orders his men to torture Rogue to find out where Chang's wife and daughter were hidden but Rogue escapes and kills the Shiro's men and sets off the bomb he had in the other suitcase killing almost everyone except Shiro. It's revealed that Rogue wants to kill Shiro too. Rogue decides to use a sword to fight Shiro. Shiro also grabs a sword.

    Shiro asks him why he's doing this and Rogue replies that it's because of a killing the Shiro had ordered. Shiro wondered which one of the many orders and it turns out to be the killing of Tom Lone and his family. Telling he shouldn't have ordered to kill the women and child. Shiro realizes that Rogue's none other Tom Lone. Rogue killed Tom's family, but Tom managed to kill Rogue. Since Tom killed Rogue, Tom used plastic surgery to disguise himself as Rogue. 3 years after Rogue & Tom's family got killed, Tom decided to come back to San Francisco to destroy Shiro's enemies, Shiro's henchmen, and Shiro. Tom wanted to kill Shiro last because Tom wanted to avenge his family's death. Tom/Rogue sets on a skilled fight which at last the mob was not able to hold and reveals another stunning truth that it's all because Crawford let it happen. This makes another interesting twist and after learning the fact, Tom/Rogue kills Shiro by beheading him.

    The Wife of Chang receives a package with a letter saying "Make A New Life" from Tom/Rogue with the original gold horse statue in it. Shiro's daughter, who had returned to Japan, receives the same letter (in Japanese) with a suitcase, which revealed to contain Shiro's head.

    Rogue calls Crawford to set a meeting at the first known place for both of them and Crawford sets a sniper and visits that place to kill Rogue. Rogue and Crawford fight furiously and at one end when they're close to face to face, Rogue reveals he's actually Tom Lone. Crawford recognizes Tom's eyes and apologizes for what happened, and asks if he could ever forgive him. Tom changes his name to Rogue. The FBI agent assigned to shoot Rogue/Lone attempted to target him, but Crawford jumps in the way, and Tom/Rogue shoots him in the back, killing him. Even though Crawford apologized to Tom/Rogue, Tom/Rogue didn't accept Crawford's apology. Tom/Rogue's stupid because he should've accepted Crawford's apology.

    Tom/Rogue drives away in his car with the suitcase full of money that the Triad had given him earlier in the movie, and the movie ends.

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