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Plot Keywords

paraplegic native
marine colonel
war veteran battle
avatar planet
future epic battle
tribe soldier
moon epic
military alien
hand to hand combat female humanoid alien
humanoid alien alien predator
alien creature archery
ecology environmental preservation
forest protection resistance
indigenous rights environmental crime
environmental issue environmental destruction
forest conservation nature conservation
good versus evil invented language
wilhelm scream score employs electronic instruments
orchestral music score sanskrit word in title
gunfight shootout
fictional planet blue skin
sole black character dies cliche brain in a vat
slow motion scene tall
massacre impalement
bad wound extreme carnage
machete tribal warfare
sadist infanticide
degradation female nudity
nude swimming burning village
child killer mutilated animal
mercilessness mass death
fight to the death female victim
lifting someone into the air cruelty
hunting knife foot chase
heroine child in peril
murderer duo villain
threatening telephone call homicide
attacked with a knife group of friends
fear escape attempt
terror beating
insanity villain not really dead cliche
deeply disturbed person black humor
family in danger suspense
panic assault
sociopath woman in jeopardy
psychotic killer
sadism stabbed to death
gaia title at the end
mind control impostor
golf club megacorporation
helicopter crash self sacrifice
video diary gas mask
translator hologram
jungle held at gunpoint
female pilot poisoned arrow
gatling gun spear
indigenous people terrorism
corporate crime flame thrower
spiritualism trust
outcast loss
misery ethnic conflict
missile greed
handicapped flying
video log clan
sleep forest
captive chase
weightlifting mineral
dna hired gun
universe spaceship
nature psycho
murderer exploitation
anthropomorphism prospecting
forbidden love psychopath
horse riding voice over narration
campfire general
coffee translation
animal attack premarital sex
self discovery murder
rescue hunting
animal abuse language barrier
military officer army
outpost inter cultural
genocide murder of a child
heritage english subtitles in original
training stabbed in the chest
revenge shot through chest
delegation turmoil
lieutenant colonel loss of brother
rifle dishonor
patriot knife throwing
barefoot village
person on fire battlefield
captain emperor
environmentalism imperialism
colonialism closing credits sequence
tied up businessman
exploding helicopter animal experimentation
virtual set savior
noble savage new age
leader going native
supernatural power soul
soul transference shaman
prayer mysticism
goddess divine retribution
divine intervention deity
threatened with a knife suffocation
subtitled scene shot to death
shot through a window shot in the stomach
shot in the shoulder shot in the chest
scar punched in the face
pistol machine gun
jumping off a cliff friendship
foreign language falling from height
exploding ship culture clash
crushed to death corpse
blood blockbuster
bare chested male killing an animal
alien sex allegory
repeated line jumping from height
fictional war energy
death ancestry
alien contact swimming
shot with an arrow mercenary
corporate greed corporate executive
arrow in chest 2150s
grenade betrayal
22nd century alien life form
warrior warrior race
suspended animation saga
righteous rage rebellion
racism monster
martial arts interracial romance
intercut human versus alien
human monster forced perspective
extraterrestrial cyberpunk
conscience wheelchair
weightlessness weapon
war paint violence
unobtainium twin
twin brother tree of life
torch survival
space space western
social commentary robot
ritual redemption
queen outer space
no opening credits loyalty
king invasion
initiation rite hybrid
hunt hunter
honor giant tree
genetic engineering female soldier
death of twin death of brother
dance ritual cryonics
cryogenics cremation
bulldozer bravery
bow and arrow botanist
body swap biologist
attack arrow
ambush air battle
3d 3 dimensional
no title at beginning motion capture
3 d underwater
tree smoke
mushroom logging
environment engine
destruction jungle war
alien planet waterfall
laboratory insect
helicopter fish
scientist power suit
explosion creature
bioluminescence space travel
rainforest one word title
death of father title spoken by character

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