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Broad and spacious

Author: thebandnerd from United States
8 April 2006

It certainly takes an acquired taste to see the breadth of opinion in this movie. One commenter has expressed that the movie, as a documentary, is one-sided and promotes only one view of the Coachella festival, which is simply inaccurate.

The Coachella film is primarily concerned with, not the benefits of going or not going to a concert, but the different experiences available to Coachella fans. The breadth of opinion lies, not in whether or not the ticket money is worth it, but in which bands one would prefer to see.

The case in point is the Oasis interview juxtaposed with another artist's interview (his name escapes me). The two interviews, zipped together, provide very different opinions of what a live musical experience is: Is it a political movement? Or is it an opiate? In my opinion, it's one of the best parts of the movie.

Based on the sheer variety of bands, anyone who complains about the musical experience at Coachella must have been simply too lazy to walk to another stage. And the film reflects the same cornucopia of genre: twee, noise, punk, pop, rap, avant-garde... you name it.

POINT: If, the last time someone asked what kind of music you like, you truthfully answered "every kind" or "all kinds," you owe it to yourself to enjoy this movie.

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A good representation of the festival

Author: resistance4ever from United States
3 March 2006

This movie shows the diversity of the festival. If you like different kinds of music unlike the guy above then you will like the movie. It gave an atmosphere that made you not want to leave. The concerts were mostly the last song of the artists set so you felt like you were right there. My favorite set was actually prodigy and I'm not even a prodigy fan. The energy that they brought was unbelievable. There were a lot of interesting interviews that show you all sides of the music industry. If your a person who goes to a festival to see one show then you would not like it, but I'm buying it as soon as it comes out and I suggest you see it before you judge it.

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3 day concert slice of life

Author: anitradenise from United States
27 March 2006

i was lucky enough to see this film Saturday at midnight here in Jacksonville, Florida. The San Marco Theatre is good for things like this. This was such a grand concert film, because it showed a slice of life in the community type gathering of a 3-day show. You could almost smell the unwashed skin and hair of tent-sleeping concert goers. Ah, to be there to experience the art and all the different types of expression that one could ever imagine. My absolute favorite part was Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips being 'birthed' from the big space bubble. That and 'Yoshimi battles the pink robots'... loved it! I so wished i had been there among the punk-pop-dance-trance-rock-indie enthusiasts.. because like most people in my generation, our likes fall somewhere in between all of them. Don't you agree?

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This Movie Rocked!

Author: Sea_Dragon from United States
11 March 2006

What a terrific movie! I had no idea what I was about to see when I walked into the theater, and just sat in awe for the entire duration. Yes, the message the filmmakers shove down our throat is silly and redundant, and the cut-aways from the performances taints them rather then enhances them, but it is awesome to see so many acts truly rock out. Iggy rocked out. Morrisey rocked out. The Chemical Brother and The Mars Volta really rocked out. The Polyphonic Spree (who I had never heard of and will never forget) ROCKED IT OUT! This movie is filled with the essence of rock and roll. While it does make you feel a little like poser sitting through some of the interviews about the philosophy of the festival, it is a blast to see so many bands going for it. The Pixies reunion was amazing! Belle and Sebastian, a band I don't normally care for rocked it out. There are not enough words for all the amazing performances. If you like rock, and need a refresher in what good Rock and Roll is sounding like today, I think this film is an amazing start. If you're just going to see the chart toppers like Red Hot Chili Peppers (who rocked), Prodigy (who rocked), or Radiohead (who rocked), you're stupid and need to see this movie. Rock & Roll!

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Falls Short of Expectations

Author: youngurban from United States
12 March 2006

I went to one of the "one night only" showings of this film and boy was I disappointed. If you are looking for a sterile, unappealing documentary, check this out. I attended the 2004 and 2005 festival and this is nothing like that experience. The only redeeming parts of this film are the clips of a couple of good bands they included in the final cut. This film spent too much time dealing with stoned hippies trying to set up tents and not enough time with the bands that made the festival enjoyable. Overall this festival is nothing like this film, mainly because as the festival changes year to year, this film makes it all seem as though it is all one year, one event. I think when Goldenvoice decided to make a documentary they had a great idea, but I think they should have thought more carefully about the filmmaker who would be in charge. If you went to the festival,you should see this movie just for the few redeeming scenes and the nostalgia-you will appreciate it. If you did not attend the festival, do not waste your time with this "film" you will not enjoy it, and you will get the wrong impression of the festival.

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weak interviews and a couple satisfying performances

Author: skapoko from San Francisco
28 January 2006

I went into this movie only expecting to see a couple good performances (which i did see a few) and beyond that I had no idea what to expect.

Beyond 4 or 5 performances this movie is drivel. I sat there with my head barely above water during multiple redundant interviews about how the festival is this escape from the turmoil of politics, from hate, and especially the festival brings everyone together. I don't know if the filmmakers know how hollow their message is, and all this stuff about equality and love is totally ridiculous because they only interview white hippie kids.

How about... a documentary about coachella could give accounts of DIFFERENT peoples experiences at the festival and what it means to them. I mean how "equal" and "fair" is a festival that costs 200+ just for the ticket, forget about travel and lodging.

I do thank the filmmakers for the arcade fire, fischerspooner, white stripes and flaming lips performances. They were really fun to watch. There should have been more music and less repetitive commentary. Did i say there were repetitive interviews and redundant commentary? Because there was quite a bit of that.

I have a stale taste in my mouth.

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