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Real Robots & Fun Cyborgs
ccthemovieman-115 October 2007
This was my "first look" at one of these "HBO First Look" shows and there really wasn't to it, mainly just a promotion for the movie. In here, we get a few sentences from each of the four main actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Claire Danes, Nick Stahl and Kristanna Loken. Only Schwarnegger had anything of interest; the rest just saw, "Oh, wow, I'm working on a Terminator film!" Judging from some of the outtakes, the actors playing the two cyborgs - Schwarzenegger and Loken - had the best sense of humor and seemed like the actors having the most fun.

Stan Winston, the special-effects wizard of Hollywood, had a surprising statement about the robots used in this movie. "These are not computer-generated, like you might think," he said. "These are actual robots; the real thing. None of those robots were fake."

Now, that's cool!
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