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Amazing performances with THE best storyline

Author: gambit_india from India
21 March 2006

Man...Words are not enough to describe "Gunda"...This movie is guaranteed to have a profound impact on the viewers. Be it Mithun's acting, or the entire army of Baddies, this movie has got it all. Surely some people may dismiss the movie as any other "B" grade movie, but the kind of thinking that has gone into writing the story, screenplay, dialogs, and creation of characters is unparalleled.

My personal Fav. scene is where Mithun's sister is going on a "walk" in hot pants, and is saved from molestation by a guy who wants to molest her eventually. Isn't that something. And not to mention the entire gang of just isn't possible to describe how much effort each guy has put in his acting...

Watch this for its full entertainment value...You won't regret it.

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Dare To Defy Newtonian Laws !! Then Watch This Antiphysical Exuberance at its Best !!!

Author: rockthegod from India
27 March 2006

Two words to describe it.. awesome and hearth robbing. This movie led to the development of Mithunda Fan Club at IIT Kharagpur. What brilliant action and tremendous screenplay !!(including random but dazzling background change). This is sure to lure out the best of Newtonian scientists out from their grave to reanalyze the natural laws which they had flawed. This movie depicts how common men can reach heights of wealth (like Mithun, who is a common dock worker, and his sister wearing fancy micro-skirts and mini tops to a college located in the mountainous terrains and Jungles). This movie also generates the option of creating an Indian video game on the likes of serious Sam, but the only changes will be auto loading Rocket launchers (whose 1 fire can cause 5 blasts) taken out from the Dickie of a Maruti Esteem and randomly fired at 1000s of random moving Auto-Rickshaws, but the obvious random factor coming into play and no rocket can hit its target. Coupled with this, enormous number of AK4x's firing enormous number of red bullets. This movie has everything: from Rape of the Century to The War of the Century. With amazing and absorbing story, brilliant direction, amazing dialogs (DI-a-LOGUES in real meaning), godly cast, and tremendous Mithun ACtion, Its a must watch for every movie fan out thr !!!!!

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A work of art.

Author: sanjay-angelfire from India
21 March 2006

Mihun's tryst with greatness. The defining moment of Indian Cinema. This movie is a must watch for anyone who speaks Hindi. More inspiring than Shawshank, with the thrill of Die Hard. Mithun manages to pack another powerful performance, only this time it is impossible to avoid rolling on the floor. And the dialogues, well, they will go down in history as adages. Need i say more? Watch Gunda, or face the wrath of Bulla.

People make movies to earn movie, educate, or express their views. But how many times is a movie made with the sole purpose of making you laugh till you puke your guts out? When was the last time somebody died on the screen, and you could not resist laughing so hard your lungs hurt? Gunda, more than a masterpiece of Mithun, will be remembered for its immortal villains- Hatela, Chutiya, Bulla. A legend, Gunda will stay in your memory till your moment of reckoning.

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Not about only Mithun

Author: adheesh-sharma from India
24 March 2006

This film is not about Lord Mithun himself. This is the saga of all the divine characters with their divine introductions and dialogs, with Lambu Atta topping the list. The brute intensity of every single soliloquy from Lambu Atta and the regiment leaves you stunned with tears in your eyes and your guts aching. This is not just a movie; Its a celebration of emotions, love, family ties, clichés, political satires and the biggest of all - objectivity of death and forced fornication.

Its still debated whether this movie was meant to be this funny or its just a co-incidence. I don't know what did the actors have in their mind when they were delivering their lines. They must be suppressing their laughter so hard that it reflects on a subconscious level. A very serious warning though; don't watch for more than 20 minutes at a stretch. You might even die of over-dose.

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Awesome!! Watch it to believe it!!

Author: aayush-shrivastava from Falkland, U.S
20 March 2006

Wow!! no words can define this wonderful movie. Its direction, music, acting are perfect to the core. Be it its couplet laced dialogues or creative storyline or the mind-blowing performances by the greatest stalwarts of Bollywood (including Mithun Da)..... it is a movie worth infinite viewing. Every time you see it, you find a new meaning to the dialogues, a new dimension to the portrayal, a new perspective for research. Everyone who has watched the movie has felt an intellectual upliftment. Regarding the story, it revolves around a coolie (played brilliantly by the god Mithun himself) who fights for the sake of his honour. My favourite scene is when the second tier villain in the starting finds the corpse of his raped sister. The scene is so tragic that you will laugh until you have tears in your eyes.... (no hidden meanings n puns intended!!)

Undoubtedly, its the most crafted movie of all times. Kanti Shah and Mithun Da have outdone themselves once more. Enjoi!!

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excellent movie

Author: ashex_143 from India
25 March 2006

Gunda is a must watch movie It is a movie which epitomizes Indian cinema mithun is like god and he can even kill whole world's population in this movie if they all charge towards him collectively just like the neo of matrix. Dialoges are best and hilarious Bulla is my favourite character in movie and his performance is the best. Mithun's sister is hot and the aerodrum scene is god-like which brings out emotions from heart and soul from the death of a brother.This movie clearly depicts what cinema is all about and it provides with you with sheer entertainment and pleasure and sometime you think that how someone that too from India can make such an unbeatable movie.This movie is greater than the lotr trilogy or the matrix.This movie should have been nominated for Oscars from Indian side and i am pretty sure that its a worthy contender of the appreciation it deserves. All IN All this movie is worth going as the GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE in the annals of film history.

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Excellent movie - awesome story

Author: H m from I am there already.
22 August 2006

Leave the problems of your daily lives behind you. Join this awesome movie and its magical script where Mithun puts one of the best shows on camera.

This ride is full of twists and adventurous. Leave all reasonings behind. Close your eyes (ofcourse keep them opened while watching the movie). Don't ask questions. See what the director wants you to see.. And you'll know why this movie is a 10/10. Mithus is as always the God. Accompanied by equally talented side actors. But hail the script writer.

Awesome is a understatement.

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Gunda - this is what i call a "legend in its own right:"

Author: abu_salem from iit kharagpur
18 April 2006

wow !! amazing!! Mithunda at his best!! with breathtaking cinematography ( the background undergoes a split second change in a single scene from a shipping yard to an airport to a desert without the actors knowing about it !!) and awesome dialog writing as well as dialog delivery well this is pure Oscar MATERIAL...and well, y should it not be considering that its star cast involves some of the most legendary actors this world has ever produced...hold your breath...SHAKTI KAPOOR HIMSELF and MITHUNDA Of course....the death scenes in this movie are absolutely cool.. ALL IN ALL...A NEVER SEEN BEFORE MOVIE..DON'T MISS IT FOR ANYTHING

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best possible montage of B-grade Bollywood cinema

Author: vijit jain from India
20 March 2006

This film epitomizes the brand of Movie making that has generated quite a lot of wealth to its makers, particularly from the Eastern Hindi speaking belt of India. Starring the irrepressible Mithun Chakravarty along with a host of well known character actors from the B-grade movies this movie is a riot in the first half but does sag towards the end. The dialogs of the movie are truly memorable. No emotion, no relation is spared the satire. The reason for the movie gaining a cult status in India is the absolute absurdity that reaches heights never quite seen or dreamed of. the cardboard caricatures that any Indian movie goer is readily familiar with are all employed in full force and do full justice to the traditions of Bollywood.

The movie's status in Indian cinema is probably the equivalent of Plan 9 from outer space or show girls in Hollywood.

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Piece of Mind, Mithunda Style

Author: Sauvik Biswas from KGP, India
28 June 2007

Director Kanti Shah is a genius. He doesn't belong with the mortals. His methods can be only compared to the likes of Quentin Tarantino. With that said, let me give you a fair idea about the movie.

This movie is more complex than Donnie Darko. Apparently, the entire plot occurs in a parallel universe where via Space-time warps, anyone can commute between shipyard/dock, airport/runway, desert/construction site, etc. in split seconds. The viewer must be aware of the fact that the time progression of the parallel universe is quite different from this universe as suggested by the rapid moving events. It must be also mentioned that the Newtonian laws of physics that holds true in this universe cannot be applied elsewhere. I am no authority over Newtonian physics but I believe Kanti Shah wanted to tell us that there exists no inertial frame of reference.

The acting is superb. In fact superb will be the understatement of the century. It is essentially the caliber of Mithunda that he's brilliantly able to take this movie from being an average to being a good movie and it is the sheer effort by the villains that takes this movie from being good to being great.

This review will remain incomplete and unjust if I don't mention the hard work put by Mr. Bashir Babar. He, as a scriptwriter, is at the top of his game. It takes great guts to write a script with every other line rhyming. The last time I found one was by Satyajit Ray - Hirok Rajar Deshe(1980).

The beauty of the movie lies in the fact that director Kanti Shah has not stated anything explicitly but stated things with explicit content. A movie on similar lines would be Loha (1997).

This movie is a must-watch classic piece of art.

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