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17 Aug. 2005
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29 Aug. 2005
Cuckoos and Pirates/Parades, Honking and Mumbling
Gerald is introduced to music, getting saxophone lessons from his mom and saving his dad from certain danger on the way to the music store. / Gerald causes a parade wherever he goes! At the mall, on the street, or while running away from mummies.
30 Aug. 2005
Monkey, Wrestlers, Spy/Dentist, Sheep, 2 Anniversary Gifts
Gerald's Father better watch out! Between an escaped gorilla and Gerald trying to steal his cookies, Gerald's Father has quite a bit on his plate. / Gerald isn't afraid of anything. Whether it's giving his dog a teeth cleaning or facing off against a sound-making machine in the Old West, Gerald is ready.
2 Sep. 2005
Good Deeds, Librarians and Aliens/Tornado, Chicken and Circus
A series of misunderstandings leads to a bank robbery, a lot of oily household items, and an interaction with aliens. / Why does Gerald's Father insist on ignoring Gerald? A tornado can be avoided, and a recipe better read if he would just listen to Gerald!
6 Sep. 2005
Dog Tricks, Spare Change and the Lost Snowmen/Mini-Golf, Checkers and Bad Manners
Gerald's sounds save the day at the hopscotch court. / Gerald follows the "burps" to find his lost dog and the kids search for the Loch Ness Monster.
7 Oct. 2005
Sleepover Chalkboard and the Trojan Cow/Popcorn, Shadows
Gerald tries to get his way in a variety of situations using his sounds, but Jacob combats him with an air horn. / Gerald goes to the movies and is inspired to have his own 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea adventure.
14 Oct. 2005
Burping Hero/Incredible Shrinking Gerald/Play, Cleaning and the Royal
Burb tries to save his friend from going to the pound, while Jacob accidentally shrinks Gerald and Janine. / Gerald tries to save Janine's boring play with his sounds and then goes on a quest to find the king's missing crown.
21 Oct. 2005
Telescopes, Hiccups and the Boing Boing Express
Gerald and the gang discover "aliens" at the observatory but even that can't be worse that what's really bothering Gerald: hiccups. / Gerald has to deal with Ding Dong the Giant ape terrorizing the town and every kid's worst nightmare: broccoli!
4 Nov. 2005
Monsters, Snowblowers and Planet Bedtime/Fairs, Mimes and Dragons
Gerald does something in his sleep seemingly no one would have expected: he talks, and it's frightening! / Gerald's family goes to the county fair and Gerald attempts to "assist" a mime.
11 Nov. 2005
Doctor, Pigeons and McShakespeare/Baby Sister, Chalk and King Gerald
Gerald goes to the Doctor. / Gerald attempts to get Jacob's baby sister from crying while Gerald gets a new baby-sitter of his own.
17 Nov. 2005
Ice, Fog & Wolves/Auctions, Soda Pop & Surfing
Gerald and the gang go ice skating and fight an evil leprechaun. / Gerald and the gang explore an art museum, bringing it to life with his sounds!
24 Nov. 2005
Karate, Slurp & Wrinklystiltskin/Tap Dancing, Convertibles & the Three
Gerald and the gang take karate and later searches for Wrinklystiltskin's favorite sound. / Janine forgets her tap-dancing shoes for a recital, leading Gerald to lend a helping sound.
1 Dec. 2005
Magic, Shower & Mermaids/Lunchboxes, Car Wash & Robots
Pirate Scritchy McBeard is back to fight Gerald once more! / Gerald's sounds improve his lunchbox and attract real cars to his toy car wash.
22 Dec. 2005
Sports, Banks & News/Pinballs/Parks & Princesses
Gerald employs his sounds while shopping and the gang covers a rainstorm. / Gerald is a pinball for a day and improves Burp's chew toy with a dose of sound.
30 Dec. 2005
Red Light, Rain & Sneezing Flower/Arcade, Scanners & News
After an intense game of red light-green light, Gerald's sounds leads the lions in dance at the zoo. / Gerald continues to use sound to get attention, but Burp feels left out and starts to do some tricks of his own...

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