Anamorph (2007) Poster


Plot Keywords

murder detective
anamorphosis police
painting new york city
art enigma
secret turning human remains into works of art
human remains optical illusion
door ajar antique pornography
american civil war pornography pinhole
knocking down a wall overexposed film
body part memento mori
yearbook ice pick
jumping from rooftop to rooftop jumping from a rooftop
desk clerk sadism
sadist art book
following someone reference to new york post
shot in the leg knife
coffee mug shootout
reference to picasso reference to francis bacon the painter
criminologist criminology
partner evidence
memory surrealism
ladder tea
body paint antique shop
antique x ray
camera store class
lecture hall classroom
slide projector student
teacher american flag
blood donation center blood transfusion
mailbox mail
actor tape recorder
suspect flashlight
newspaper article newspaper
reporter writer
toast eating
food buffet
beer police detective
answering machine cell phone
vomiting abandoned ship
ship police boat
new york harbor harbor
gun hypodermic needle
reckless driving nudity
scaffold camera
restaurant neighbor
police raid police car
birthmark taxi
violence warehouse
ritual killing stabbing
telephone call investigation
subjective camera surveillance camera
sense of touch sense of sight
new york police department nypd
theft thief
tin snips staple gun
cigarette smoking bar
running pursuit
chase drink
drinking sex
dead body camera obscura
policeman painter
one word title walking through a wall
trail of blood torso cut in half
tattoo tape recording
suspicion stabbed in the chest
slide show skull
shotgun shot to death
shot in the shoulder shot in the forehead
shot in the chest severed leg
severed head severed arm
serial killer sculpture
reflection in water prostitute
police station police officer killed
pistol photograph
package obsession
nail gun morgue
mannequin loss of friend
loner intestines
hanging upside down hole in chest
hiking hanged body
guilt grocery store
graffiti gore
foot chase flip book
flashback film projector
female nudity false name
exposed breast drunkenness
drinking and driving dock
dismemberment death
dead prostitute crime scene
corpse copycat murder
climbing a fence cafe
bruise breaking and entering
body art blood
blood donation black light
autopsy artist
art gallery apartment building
anagram alcoholic
alcoholics anonymous abandoned warehouse
surprise ending

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