An Inconvenient Truth (2006) Poster

Plot Keywords

climate global warming
earth truth
science politics
environment crisis
audience global climate change
dilemma three word title
polar ice cap energy conservation
scare tactic propaganda
lie hoax
faux fake
warmth urgency
sea level melting glacier
environmental issue carbon dioxide
air pollution endangered species
greenhouse gases woods
wildfire wild fire
warning transportation
state of emergency species
song solid ice
smoking smoke
smog shelf ice
plant plant life
planetary emergency persuasion
persistence ozone layer
neutrality natural habitat
natural disaster national emergency
ice floe human failure
habitat greenie
forest fire
extinction ethics
environmentalist environmental disaster
environmental crime environmental activism
eco challenge dying
drought disaster
devastation destruction
death coast
coastal waters coastal town
closing argument cleaning
cleaning agent clean energy
clean air chimney
bush fire breath
atmosphere argument
animal animal care
alarm alarmist
alarm signal alarm bell
air world
worldview wind
weather water
vehicle typhoon
threshold temperature
teaching storm
statistics speculation
south pole snow
slide show siberia
sea research
rain raining
power polar expert
planet ocean
north pole mountain
motor car meteorology
meteorologist melting
meltdown lecture
japan ice
hurricane humidity
heat graph
globe gas
future fuel
europe environmental protest
environmental protection environmental movement
energy emergency
election education
doomsday cyclone
commentary car
bad weather automobile
atlantic ocean armageddon
arctic apocalypse
antarctica no opening credits
shanghai new orleans louisiana
idealism part animation
social commentary wind power
wake up call vice president
tsunami tipping point
solar power presidential election
pollution polar bear
permafrost patagonia
hydrocarbon emissions greenland
greenhouse effect glacier
fuel emissions environmentalism
environmental politics electric car
ecosystem deforestation
climate crisis climate change
carbon neutral carbon neutrality
kolkata peer reviewed research
mount kilimanjaro kyoto protocol
hurricane katrina futurama
earth in the balance book of revelation
antarctic peninsula independent film
title spoken by character

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