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By 2006 slot machines - especially those at McCarran Airport - had gone coinless, accepting only paper money and dispensing barcoded vouchers that can either be inserted into another machine or redeemed for cash, thereby rendering the Susan B. Anthony con moot.

Character error 

When Basher was "directing" the truck hauling the tunnel boring machine around the turn in the road, he was motioning for it to turn right (from the driver's perspective) when the truck was really turning left.
Willy Bank threatens Basher Tarr (acting as Fender Roads) that he can pick up the phone and have Shaun White and Travis Pastrana doing heel clickers and lazy boys (both are tricks done on a motorbike or dirt bike) off the back of the building. Tarr then refers to them as "long hairs riding rice rockets." While Travis Pastrana is a well known competitive motor sports athlete, Shaun White is a snowboarder and skateboarder and has never been known as a motor sports or biking competitor.
When Rusty explains to Saul about the "Soft Opening" of The Bank Hotel/Casino, Saul replies that when The Flamingo opened, it was open for good. The Flamingo actually opened in 1946 and had to close after only 2 weeks of operation to fix construction defects and finish the hotel.
Yen refers to bowling with the 'owner of Samsung' as his connection to being able to obtain the cell phone that Willy Bank covets. Samsung is a huge publicly traded company and does not have an owner, but he could very well have meant the CEO. Or it could have been a simple mistake on his part.


No guardrail on first shot of heliport with Rusty, next shot has guardrail added.
In Bank's office, where Rusty is claiming to be a seismologist warning Bank of potential seismic activity, Bank's glasses appear and disappear between shots of his face and over his right shoulder.
Linus places the letter from Basher on the table under its ripped-open envelope. Later, Saul picks it up in a folded-closed envelope.
The aerial shot of Las Vegas out of Danny Oceans's aircraft shows a square window frame. However he and Rusty boarded a Gulfstream Jet, which has round windows.
Whenever the principals are at the airport, Gulfstream-class private jets await them. Gulfstream passenger cabins have distinctive oversize rounded "porthole" windows. Only such planes appear on the tarmac; however when there is a momentary in-flight clip showing the passenger's aerial view of the passing landscape below, the window is a small "sardine can" window of a typical commercial airliner. Clearly this was generic stock footage of "anyplane" flying over "anycity". When the highrollers are later disembarking, the windows become classic Gulfstream portholes again.
When Yen is betting on the roulette wheel, when the camera shows the wheel spinning while the ball is waiting to drop, it shows a ball already stopped on the wheel.
When Rusty and Danny leave the storeroom after the call, Rusty keeps his mobile phone in the right hand while pushing the trolley out of the room. On the corridor the phone is gone from his right hand. If he wanted to put away his phone, he would have naturally done it before moving out.
When Rusty is trying to convince Banks to make an evacuation plan, Rusty's noticeable tattoo on his left arm is missing.
At the dice factory revolt in Mexico, Turk Malloy throws a Molotov cocktail over the fence, yet, as the scene pans around, there is already a van fully engulfed in flames and there is no sign of the broken bottle.

Crew or equipment visible 

During the scene where Danny and Rusty are speaking with Roman in his kitchen, the camera, which is filming from outside the window, zooms in and can be seen in the window's reflection.

Errors in geography 

In one part of the movie, from the air, it shows that The Bank Hotel and Casino is on the west side of Las Vegas Blvd and just south of the Excalibur Hotel. In another part, out front of The Bank after the "earthquake", it show The Bank right across the street from the Bellagio Hotel which would make it north of The Excalibur and on the east side of Las Vegas blvd.

Factual errors 

When Yen places a bet on the roulette wheel he covers numbers 11,12 and 13, to fit in with the previous statement that the 'fixed' ball could be assumed to land on one of three numbers. 11,12 and 13 do not appear consecutively on a roulette wheel. If you wanted to cover a bet on '12' for example, you'd need to place chips on 12, 8 and 29 on an American table.
The tunnel boring machines used to make the Chunnel were huge and took months to assemble. There is no way that one could be transported on the back of a single tractor trailer and put into service in a matter of hours (days). In fact there were 11 Tunnel Boring Machines in total. Some of the machines were dismantled and removed. Some were driven steeply downwards and buried clear of the tunnel.

Revealing mistakes 

When the explosion goes off to loosen the cage with the diamonds to be lifted by the helicopter, that helicopter is flying close to the top of the roof when the smoke comes out, but the smoke is not affected in any way, instead of being blown away by the fan effect of the helicopter's rotor. Obviously we are seeing a helicopter model without rotors.
In the scene where Terry Benedict is checking himself out in front of a mirror, Danny Ocean stands behind him and asks, "You ready?" Benedict looks into the mirror, and just before he answers, "I was born ready," he fleetingly makes eye contact with the camera.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.

Factual errors 

In the airport scene at the end, Linus is holding a Southwest Airlines ticket jacket (and Southwest is highlighted earlier in the film). The gates shown are McCarran "D" gates. Southwest flies only out of the "B" and "C" gates. Also, the VUP is told that he might make "stand by" - another Southwest "familiarity".

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Terry Benedict's hired thief, Fran├žois Toulour the Night Fox, begins to follow Danny Ocean's crew before Ocean goes to Benedict for help. A deleted scene reveals that Benedict knew Danny's crew were there as soon as they arrived and hired Toulour to keep an eye on them.

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