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The restoration of good taste to British television
Derek Hazell20 January 2006
This is without doubt the best food programme I have ever seen. It is beautifully photographed, the sets are wonderful, and best of all the presenter is the incomparable Beverley Turner.

For the first time I can remember we see a truly beautiful, classy woman presenting a television show. With the never-ending glut of dyed-blonde, shouting, in-your-face presenters seen in not only mainstream, but also niche programming, I had despaired that we would never again see someone refined and with true class - what womanhood should be about. But "Bev" has quelled my despair. She is polite, courteous to her guests, and is a great interviewer, actually listening to what the guests have to say without shouting over the top of them. Plus she has a wonderful naughty, cheeky side which occasionally peeks through, such as when she flirts mildly with a chef, or suddenly makes some surprising seductive comment. She also has a lovely little smile, and sometimes gets really excited when one of the chefs makes something she loves, such as chocolate truffles. It is really cute, and I think she is the perfect woman. She certainly gives me something to look forward to when I watch the show each day after a long day at work.

Apart from the superb presenter, we also get wonderful recipes cooked by a variety of different types of chef, location reports, expert advice, interviews, and Q&A sessions. The experts they pick are usually brilliant, with great senses of humour to compliment their expertise. There also seems to be an amazing number of good-looking women among the food experts - maybe I should have gone into that as a career rather than where I am now, as I do love to cook.

What more can I say about this show? It is absolutely perfect, with the best female presenter I have seen in a very long time, great guests, good lighting, photography, make-up. With the depressing state of much television these days it is the most pleasant surprise to find a show which can be described as perfect; it has more humour than most so-called sitcoms, better people than any mainstream show, and for a food-lover like me the most appetising dishes too. The epitome of Good Taste.

The question is though which is the more tasty, the food, or Beverley?
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