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14 Jun. 2007
Still More Mush If by Land, Mush Mush If by Sea
Ruff is still reeling from last episode.
29 Sep. 2008
The Debut of Smell-o-Vision
Ruff broadcasts the Fetch season premiere in Smellovision, quickly realizing his mistake after he's sprayed by a skunk!
30 Sep. 2008
When Home Is a House of Cards
While Ruff is trying to build a card table, he interviews the first candidate for his new assistant. This is a mouse named Chet who abruptly moves into the Fetch 3000. Ruff has no choice-Chet is now an employee.
1 Oct. 2008
Just Call Him Spot
Spot Spotnik, Ruff's nemesis, plays a practical joke on Ruff and spatters him with permanent ink!
2 Oct. 2008
Mr. Ruffman Goes to Washington
To his dismay, Ruff finds out that it's against the law for a dog to host a reality game show. Wanting to overturn it, Ruff decides to run for Local Dog Officer of Canine-Human Affairs-but he needs to know more about the job of an elected official!
6 Oct. 2008
Mission Improbable
Ruff sends the FETCHers to Washington D.C. for training to become secret agents.
7 Oct. 2008
How Not to Impress a Poodle's Mother
Ruff has finally figured out how to get Charlene the poodle to fall for him-by impressing her mother!
8 Oct. 2008
There's Food Safety and Then There's Food Safety
Ruff is thrilled to find a tortilla chip that looks exactly like him.
9 Oct. 2008
Do-Se-Dos and Do-Se-Don'ts
Ruff feels down. He's depressed because he accidentally painted his doghouse "Dingy Gray".
13 Oct. 2008
The DogVinci Code
Ruff's Uncle MacRuffmantosh is back, and there's no time to waste - A new mystery must be solved!
14 Oct. 2008
What's Bugging Ruff
Ruff wants to have a powwow to troubleshoot his recent bug infestation-in fact, there are bugs all over the doghouse!
15 Oct. 2008
Will They Like the Show? It's a Shoe-In!
Ruff designs a new kind of sneaker-the kind that's ridiculous and annoying!
16 Oct. 2008
Socket to Me
Blossom points out that Ruff is using too much electricity. Ruff protests. Hey, he's only running an electric leaf blower, a vacuum, a blender, all the lights, the washing machine, the dryer, and a karaoke machine...
20 Oct. 2008
Dog of the Rings
The FETCH 3000 is on the blink and Glen, Ruff's techie teenage nephew, won't fix it unless Ruff sends his FETCHers to Wing's Castle.
22 Oct. 2008
Feeling Sheepish Ruff?
Ruff agrees to watch his sister's sheep, assuming that "sheep" means one sheep... When hundreds of them arrive, they stampede the doghouse, forcing Ruff and Blossom to barricade themselves inside the bathroom!
27 Oct. 2008
The People vs. Grandma Ruffman
Ruff gets a surprise phone call from Grandma Ruffman from jail!
7 Oct. 2010
The Ol' Shell Game
Ruff gets scary news: he's been tapped to play goalie in a celebrity hockey tournament!
11 Oct. 2010
Ruffman Manor Is Haunted
Ruff inherits Ruffman Manor, but it is haunted by Maximilian Ruffman. Ruff sent the FETCHers to spend the night to investigate Maximilian's former manor.
12 Oct. 2010
It's Ruff in the Ring
Chet volunteers Ruff to compete in a boxing match against the ferocious "Whipped Cream" McGee.
21 Oct. 2010
That Sculpture Isn't Yours, It's Mime
It turns out that Ruff has two phobias: spiders and ballet!
25 Oct. 2010
Look What the Dog Dug Up!
When Ruff digs up a sarcophagus in his backyard, he convinces it has an authentic Egyptian mummy inside, and he also convinces it came with a curse. The FETCHers are split into three teams to figure out what the deal is with the sarcophagus and try to reverse the mummy's curse.

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