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Season 5

4 Oct. 2010
Ruff Fetches the FETCHers
Season Five is about to start but Ruff has been so busy trying to find his long-lost parents, he's forgotten to choose his Season 5 FETCHers! In this casting special, viewers get a behind-the-scenes look at how Ruff goes about picking his contestants. Unfortunately, shortly after selecting his intrepid kids, Ruff loses them on the way to Studio G!
5 Oct. 2010
Game Show Isle
After losing his FETCHers at the end of the Season Five premiere, Ruff discovers that they're stranded on a mysterious island-Game Show Island. To get off the island and back to Studio G, they must find the "Fabulous Four" game show relics before sundown or they will be trapped on the island forever! Ruff also learns some important clues about the mysterious disappearance of his parents.
6 Oct. 2010
You Can't Teach an Orange Dog New Tricks
Ruff's cousin Bluff Ruffman is about to send a gaggle of mysterious animals to the doghouse. In a panic, Ruff sends Marco and Shreya to Disney's Animal Kingdom to learn how to take care for animals. As a backup plan, Ruff wants to know how to make the animals disappear, and sends Rubye to Las Vegas to learn some magic from Penn and Teller.
7 Oct. 2010
The Ol' Shell Game
Ruff gets scary news: he's been tapped to play goalie in a celebrity hockey tournament!
11 Oct. 2010
Ruffman Manor Is Haunted
Ruff inherits Ruffman Manor, but it is haunted by Maximilian Ruffman. Ruff sent the FETCHers to spend the night to investigate Maximilian's former manor.
12 Oct. 2010
It's Ruff in the Ring
Chet volunteers Ruff to compete in a boxing match against the ferocious "Whipped Cream" McGee.
13 Oct. 2010
A Whole Flock of Cheese
Chet has gone on a cheese craze, replacing everything in the doghouse (including the furniture) with cheese-inspiring Ruff to send Emmie on a cheese-themed challenge. Meanwhile, Ruff is searching for his long-lost parents and decides to employ the help of a carrier pigeon. He sends Jay and Rubye out to learn about carrier pigeons and then compete in a race against one!
14 Oct. 2010
How Much Frosting Can You Bear?
Grandma Ruffman takes over today's show. Her friends Fig and Tucker's person is getting married, so she calls upon Ruff and the FETCHers to help her with the wedding gifts! She sends Rubye and Jay to meet up with some grizzly bear experts to engineer a bear-proof picnic basket for the couple. Meanwhile Shreya, Emmie, Marc, and Marco bake the bride and groom's actual wedding cake!
18 Oct. 2010
The Legend of Ruffman's Gold
Ruff's ancestor Gus Ruffman is believed to have hidden gold in an abandoned mine somewhere in Colorado. He sends Marc, Jay, and Rubye to solve clues, find the mine, and most importantly, find the gold!
19 Oct. 2010
Who Wants to Trade for Some Old Tracks?
Someone has just stolen Ruff's garden gnome and he's determined to get it back! In fact, he's so obsessed that he hasn't bathed in several days and is covered in flies-prompting Charlene to send him some fly swatters. Ruff sends Emmie and Marco to analyze the footprints left behind by the perpetrator who stole the garden gnome; while Rubye and Shreya try to barter the flyswatters for something better that Ruff can give to Charlene.
20 Oct. 2010
Eureka Is Not a Brand of Dog Food
Ruff's owner is running him ragged making him fetch, so he sends Emmie and Shreya to build him a vehicle he can ride on so he doesn't have to run. He then sends Jay and Marco to an invent another device that will make his life easier.
21 Oct. 2010
That Sculpture Isn't Yours, It's Mime
It turns out that Ruff has two phobias: spiders and ballet!
25 Oct. 2010
Look What the Dog Dug Up!
When Ruff digs up a sarcophagus in his backyard, he convinces it has an authentic Egyptian mummy inside, and he also convinces it came with a curse. The FETCHers are split into three teams to figure out what the deal is with the sarcophagus and try to reverse the mummy's curse.
26 Oct. 2010
Ruff Follows His Dream
After Ruff has a dream where he's flying with an elephant, he decides to see if he can make his dream come true! He sends Marco off to Tennessee to the Elephant Sanctuary to learn what it takes to own and care for an elephant. He then sends Marc and Rubye to learn how to indoor skydive.
27 Oct. 2010
Birds Are Handy!
Ruff's rockstar cousin Rüf Rüfman wants to record songbirds on his next album. So Ruff sends Emmie and Rubye to Wyoming to work with songbirds in the field. He also sends Marc and Shreya to meet with a hand model due to a misunderstanding between the word "Hands" and the name "Hans."
28 Oct. 2010
Wolfing Down Some Barbeque
Ruff has a family reunion barbecue, and invites some distant relatives-wolves. He sends Emmie and Rubye to Yellowstone National Park to learn all about wolves, and sends Jay and Marc to Rockville, South Carolina to make some authentic southern barbecue.
1 Nov. 2010
Go Belugas Go!
FETCH competes with Go Get It, the rival cat game show, in a synchronized swimming match, so he sends Marco, Shreya, and Rubye to learn about synchronized swimming, and he sends Marc to Mystic Aquarium to learn how beluga whales are adapted for the water.
2 Nov. 2010
Snoop Dog
FETCH's rival game show Go Get It is produced by a mysterious organization called PURRS. Ruff sends all six kids to meet with a team of private investigators and learn how to become gumshoes. Ruff and the FETCHers then try to use their sleuthing skills to get to the bottom of who is behind PURRS.
3 Nov. 2010
Long Glen Silver and the Pursuit of the Golden Fetchie!
Ruff's nephew Glen has been playing a pirate-themed video game on the Go Get It Web site. Through this game he's somehow gotten into the Go Get It mainframe computer, and discovers that they're hunting for something called The Golden Fetchie... Ruff wants to find the FETCHie first, so he sends the kids off to the island. And at Glen's request, he makes them dress up as pirates...
4 Nov. 2010
The FETCH Finale
It all comes down to this! In the Season Five FETCH Finale, Ruff has learned that PURRS, the organization that runs Go Get It, is an EVIL CAT ORGANIZATION! PURRS plans to brainwash the entire country with a device that makes everyone think they're cats! PURRS is also responsible for the disappearance of Ruff's parents...After learning that PURRS headquarters is hidden somewhere inside a water park, Ruff sends the FETCHers to find a way inside. Now all Ruff needs to do is stop the brainwashing device, find his parents, and crown a FETCH Grand Champion!! All in a day's ...

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