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  • Eighty-two years ago a viral outbreak turned three quarters of the world population into the walking dead. Now, Bounty Hunters are humanity's only salvation.


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    The movie takes place in the present, but in this universe, a plague has broken out and the infected have been transformed into zombies. No explanation is provided for the source of the plague, nor is it explained how the original victims were infected, since by the time the narrative begins the infection spreads by bite. Nevertheless, the action starts 80 years after the initial outbreak. The western United States has devolved into a disconnected series of ghost towns overrun by zombies, and the government is awarding bounties in exchange for the pinkies of the undead.

    The protagonist, Ryn Baskin, is a bounty hunter. After a successful hunt, he is robbed, shot, and left for dead by a rival gang of hunters led by Blythe Remington, a man with a plan to weaponize the plague in order to create more zombies and line his pockets with the bounties. Ryn survives and follows Baskin with the aid of Hans Tubman, the cowardly foreigner who double crossed him, in order to retrieve the sack of pinkies he collected when the movie began. His quest leads him to a final confrontation not just with Blythe, but with a massive zombie armada.

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