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This film reveals the hidden emotions of mothers of soldiers.
sairafl17 September 2006

This Independent Documentary Film is about the feelings and trauma experienced by mothers who have sons serving in the war in Iraq. Monaghan is a military mother whose emotional journey was chronicled and chosen for the final cut of My Child: Mothers of War. "I was grieving when my son entered the military," she said. Amid tears she recalls, "The worst feeling is not knowing if he will come back." Though her son did return from his first assignment in Iraq, February '03 to October '04, she said that she expects to go through the same anxieties once again when he is re-deployed to Iraq in September 2006.

The film captures several military mothers looking back on the details of their daily struggle with their child's decision to join the military through to the time of their child's return from service. Of the soldiers featured in the film, some have returned alive, some permanently injured and some deceased. As the women generously share their innermost feelings of loss, fear, grief, anger, worry and concern for their son's well being, the viewer learns that these feelings are common to all mothers of soldiers at war. This film gave rise to reflection on those serving in the war and the daily sacrifices their families make. It was a welcome reminder to support military parents whose suffering is often hidden. For those who have children entering the military for the first time, it may be comforting to identify with the women featured in the film, though the realities of war shown are not pleasant.

Film Director Angeliki Giannakopoulos, in her rally speech, stressed that her goal in making the film was not to promote a pro-war or anti-war political position. "It was to bring an awareness of the fact that behind every soldier and death of a soldier is a whole family. After viewing my film, I receive calls from people who say that now they understand this concept." My Child: Mothers of War was an award winner at three 2006 film festivals.

To arrange a screening of the film in your area or to purchase an expansion of the screen version My Child: Mothers of War on DVD, which spotlights a total of 60 mothers of war, go to
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