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Brooke Mueller: What's She Done?

Brooke Mueller: What's She Done?
Brooke Mueller, as emphasized by her arrest for drug possession in Aspen, Colorado on Friday, has become known largely for her addictions and criminal record. But the ex-wife of Charlie Sheen is not simply a rap sheet and gossip item; she's also had a short career in Hollywood.

Involved in show business long before she married Sheen, Mueller first appeared in 1998 in a cameo role in the show, "USA High." That was followed by perhaps her most significant acting work, a co-starring role in "Witchouse," a 1999 horror film about some kids tricked into attending a party that would bring back an old witch.

About a decade later, Mueller made it back to credited movie roles, with a supporting job in "Strictly Sexual," about two women who keep men in their pool house for sexual recreation.

In keeping with her fame for being herself, Mueller also has appeared in a number of televised venues as,
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Celebrity Biography: Amber Benson

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Amber Nicole Benson was born on January 8, 1977, to Edward and Diane Benson, and today is an actress, screenwriter, producer, director, playwright, and author who's most famous for her role as Tara Maclay on the long-running television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV). Benson was both born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and it was there that she first discovered her interest in the arts, as she studied dance, music, and acting. "When I was a little kid I saw The Nutcracker Suite and desperately wanted to get on the stage," Benson told "That was the beginning of the end for me." A family move to Orlando, Florida led to several opportunities, but work and success followed yet another move, this time to Los Angeles. Benson was still in her teens when her acting career started to take off. She played Nicole Reed in several made-for-tv Jack Reed movies starring Brian Dennehy,
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Johann Urb Bewitches Audiences In Eastwick

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The ladies of Eastwick -- Lindsay Price, Jaime Ray Newman, and Rebecca Romijm -- are getting most of the press as ABC launches its new series based on the John Updike novel. And rightly so. Yes, Paul Gross fills Jack Nicholson's loafers as Darryl Van Horne, the devilish guy who arrives in small-town Eastwick and grants the trio of women some unusual powers, but keep an eye on Johann Urb, who plays Will. If the show, which premiered last night, bewitches audiences, Urb could magically emerge as one of its breakout stars. PopStar recently connected with Urb -- whose credits include Dirt and the Paris Hilton extravaganza The Hottie and the Nottie -- for a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with the actor. Read on as he discusses his background, things to come on Eastwick, and his upcoming projects. You may be a fresh face for some people. For those newcomers out there,
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