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What rescues Eagle vs. Shark is its focus on Lily. Although Horsley overdoes the winsomeness, she is genuinely appealing. Love erases Lily's geekiness and in its place stands an attractive young woman.
Unlike so many big-studio films that pass off models in horn-rimmed glasses as nerds, this little New Zealand gem embraces the inner geek and, just as effectively, celebrates misfit love.
It's a perfectly cheerful time at the movies, without any hint of drama or surprise.
There are occasional nice moments scattered throughout, but this is mostly a big, uncomfortable cartoon focused on the twisted attraction between two caricatures.
Intermittently charming, sometimes tiresome celebration of quirkiness.
Los Angeles Times
As it turns out, spending a couple of hours with emotionally arrested, socially moronic characters is not a whole lot more fun than spending a couple of hours with actual emotionally arrested, socially moronic people.
It's a tale that reduces angst, not to mention love, to a generational tic.
The Hollywood Reporter
More dumb than funny.
Result is still innocuously mild and inconsequential.
Village Voice
You can't see the forest for the twee in writer-director Taika Waititi's thicket of cutesy conceits, from the stunted supporting characters to the precious animated interludes.

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