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Answering the Door
Nancy McKeon explains to be wary of people on the other side of a door.
Being the Youngest
Tina Yothers explains how being the "runt of the litter" can be a perk, not just a pitfall.
Don't Talk to Strangers
David Hasselhoff explains that hitching a ride from somebody you don't know can, and might, be a one-way ticket to peril.
Making Money
Tempestt Bledsoe explains that making money by doing different small jobs is easier than one might think.
Dwight Schultz explains how to be cool in the event of a fire.
Just Say No
First Lady Nancy Reagan explains what to do when somebody offers you drugs.
Pet Treatment
Joel Higgins explains how to and how not to treat pets.
Separated in a Store
Soleil Moon Frye explains that if you get lost or separated in a store to ask for help from a professional person to find who lost you.
Showing Off
Perry King explains that showing off is a trait that only people who are unhappy with themselves display.
Uncomfortable Touching
Michael J. Fox explains that no one should touch people in ways that make them uncomfortable.
Underage Drinking
Perry King explains that young kids should not imitate everything adults do, including drinking.
Noise Polluters
Jason Bateman explains that playing loud music in public can be disruptive to others.
Feb. 1987
Lighting Matches
Michael J. Fox explains the dangers of playing with matches.
Jackee Harry explains that you needn't be good at something in order to enjoy it.
Telling Whoppers
Jackee Harry explains that it's better to come forward and own up than to let others take the rap for something you did.
31 Dec. 1988
Giving Others Their Fair Share
Dwight Schultz explains not to hog all the food for yourself and to give others their fair share.
2 Sep. 1989
Reading Problems
Betty White explains that not being able to read does not equate stupidity.

 Unknown Season 

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