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Kirby Dick's indispensable guerrilla attack on the film-ratings system gives Hollywood a swift, smart and hilarious kick in its institutional, hypocritical ass.
New York Daily News
Fascinating, amusing and ultimately disturbing.
Entertainment Weekly
Has a bright, dishy spirit.
Wall Street Journal
In the ultimate test, Kirby submits this very documentary to the tender mercies of the MPAA. It gets slapped with an NC-17 for graphic content. He appeals. He loses -- ten votes to zip.
Extremely amusing.
There is no question that the organization is a riveting subject for a film.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Hugely entertaining catalog of MPAA follies.
New York Post
While This Film Is Not Yet Rated does not suggest an alternative to the ratings board, it does expose this Tinseltown sham to some well-deserved public ridicule.
Ultimately, Dick subordinates scholarship to passion, which may be exactly what it takes to convince mainstream moviegoers that they should care about a system that shortchanges THEM when they go to the movies.
The filmmaker doesn't exactly let anyone off the hook.
The Hollywood Reporter
Dick's strongest points are that these raters receive no training and are given no standards by which to judge movies. Experts in child psychology or media or social studies are not consulted. Nor are they allowed on the board. The days of counting F-words or pelvic thrusts need to end, and in the film's quieter moments, Dick makes this case compellingly.

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