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  • Raja lives in Dubai, U.A.E. and is a career-criminal, partnered by his girlfriend, Tina, and her maternal uncle, Chobey. Raja also makes additional money by masquerading as Rahul, the son of Lajwanti, who was killed in an accident. Since Chobey owes money to a gangster named Moscow Chikna, Raja decides to help him out by arranging the abduction of Rocky, a jewel thief, who has a priceless diamond in his possession. If Raja and his gang do not bring this diamond to Moscow Chikna, he has sworn to cut off their arms. When another gangster, JD, finds out about the diamond, he asks them to bring the diamond to him or else he will cut off their legs. The trio abduct Rocky - only to be threatened by a London-based gangster, Chokshi, who has recruited Gunmaster G9, who has threatened to cut off their respective necks if the diamond is not surrendered to Chokshi. Chaos prevails as the hapless trio, their lives complicated by the bumbling Kuttu Pilot, hustle to save their lives - in vain attempts to try and pacify the three gangsters.

    - Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
  • After owing huge amount of cash to various loan entities; Chobey, his niece Tina and her boyfriend Raja are forced to rob and con people so that they can gather a lump sum to pay back. In this way they get themselves trapped with some gangsters who want to get hold of a priceless diamond stolen by Rocky. The suspense mounts when they get hold as hostages and must comply with the wishes of all the gangsters at the same time.

    - Written by gavin (racktoo@hotmail.com)
  • Three gangsters namely: Moscow Chikna, JD and Chokshi terrorize a trio in grabbing a priceless diamond for them. Chaos prevail in society when JD summon Lucky a car dealer to recruit Munna, an international boxer who always wins against all his opponents in boxing matches, but JD assembles that Munna should loose against one of his men and he shall return peace to society but that does not happen and society continues to live in fear of JD and his gang. But twists turn in society when Raja, Tina, Chobey, Munna and a taxi driver named Kuttu Pilot decides to install justice and fair play within society thus making life miserable for the three gangsters.

    - Written by gAvInDrA (brave_loverboy2004@hotmail.com)
  • When Laywanti's son, Rahul meets with an accident and looses his life. Munna recruits Raja, a small-time thief, pays him huge sums of money and asks him to masquerade as Rahul. This he does amidst chaos, with his own people, goons, gangsters and thieves.

    - Written by raj (krazymonster@ymail.com)


A slick diamond robbery takes place in India. The robber is none other than Rocky (Chunky Pandey) who's the nephew of Chowksi (Gulshan Grover)...

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