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9 Feb. 2006
Duel Distractions: Part 2
Jaden must duel Tania to snap Bastion out of a lovestruck stupor and keep the Shadow Riders from winning another Spirit Key!
21 Aug. 2006
Back to Duel
Year two at Duel Academy kicks off with a bang as an unknown freshman challenges Jaden to a duel!
22 Aug. 2006
Champion or Chazz-Been?
When Syrus stumbles into the girls' dorm, he puts himself and Jaden in danger of being expelled, forcing Jaden to win a duel to win their freedom.
23 Aug. 2006
A Hassleberry Hounding
Jaden throws down with a school bully to win back the duel disks he stole.
24 Aug. 2006
Sad But Truesdale
Syrus squares off against Missy, the insect duelist, for a chance to advance to Ra Yellow!
25 Aug. 2006
The Demon
Zane, now a professional duelist, goes up against top-ranking pro Aster Phoenix, as reports of a mysterious 'demon' cause a local scare.
28 Aug. 2006
A New Breed of Hero: Part 1
Aster accuses Jaden publicly of copying his game, though not citing him, and proves himself as the better by challenging him into a duel - once again, but this time with a surprising deck.
29 Aug. 2006
A New Breed of Hero: Part 2
The duel reaches an unexpected point where Aster takes over, relating to his forlorn past, and vindictively defeats Jaden who yields to despair.
30 Aug. 2006
Pop Goes the Duel
To drum-up publicity, Crowler tries to turn Alexis and her brother Atticus into a pop-star dueling duo!
31 Aug. 2006
I've Seen the Light
The always sinister and ever-creepy Sartorius arrives on Academy Island and sets his sights on Chazz Princeton.
1 Sep. 2006
A Greater Porpoise
Unable to duel, Jaden sets off in search of answers and ends up in a strange world inhabited by...talking dolphin-men!?
5 Sep. 2006
Curry Worries
A bizarre chef duels against Hassleberry for a taste of his Pot Roast Surprise!
6 Sep. 2006
Camaraderie Contest
After fighting for weeks over who is Jaden's true best friend, Syrus and Hassleberry decide to settle it with a duel!
7 Sep. 2006
No Pain, No Game
After hitting rock bottom, Zane encounters the sinister Mr. Shroud who convinces him to join a dangerous underground dueling league!
8 Sep. 2006
Going Bananas
After roaming Academy Island for days without eating, Jaden begins to hallucinate about his past duels.
2 Oct. 2006
Homecoming Duel: Part 1
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3 Oct. 2006
Homecoming Duel: Part 2
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4 Oct. 2006
Dormitory Demolition
The heads of the school go head-to-head as Crowler faces Bonaparte to protect the Slifer Red dorm from destruction!
5 Oct. 2006
Obelisk White?
Chazz, now under the influence of the evil Master Sartorius, tries to convince Alexis to join the Society of Light.
6 Oct. 2006
Jaden faces three-time video game champ Lorenzo to protect his dorm. But is Lorenzo working for the evil Master Sartorius!?
10 Oct. 2006
Not Playing with a Full Deck
Jaden faces a sleazy attorney, known as X, who's strategy is to destroy his opponent's deck!
11 Oct. 2006
Source of Strength
In his ongoing search for powerful duelists, Sartorius sets his sights on Hassleberry. But little does Sartorius know that this dino duelist has a startling secret!
12 Oct. 2006
Happily Never After
Jaden faces Princess Rose and her Frog Princes in a fairytale frenzy! Will it be a happy ending for Jaden?
13 Oct. 2006
Taken by Storm: Part 1
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16 Oct. 2006
Taken by Storm: Part 2
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17 Oct. 2006
J-Dawg and T-Bone
The last surviving member of the Light Brigade takes on Jaden. But who's really behind this duel?
28 Oct. 2006
Mirror, Mirror: Part 1
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4 Nov. 2006
Mirror, Mirror: Part 2
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11 Nov. 2006
What a Doll!
Jaden is challenged to a duel by a mysterious young girl with a shocking secret!
18 Nov. 2006
Let's Make a Duel
Game show fanatic Bob Banter challenges Jaden to a duel in order to impress Alexis.
2 Dec. 2006
Magnetic Personality
Desperate for attention, Bastion breaks into the White Dorm and demands they admit him as a member.
9 Dec. 2006
Schooling the Master
Zane climbs to the 'top of the world' to face his former master...Chancellor Sheppard!
16 Dec. 2006
Generation neXt
When Jaden arrives late to his entrance exam for Duel Academy, he has to go above and beyond expectations to prove that he deserves to make the cut!
23 Dec. 2006
Rah, Rah Ra!
Someone has stolen the Winged Dragon of Ra and is using it to cause mayhem and destruction at Duel Academy!
15 Nov. 2006
Primal Instinct
Strange electromagnetic waves ignite Hassleberry's animal instincts as he battles Jim Cook and his pet crocodile Shirley.
22 Nov. 2006
Head in the Clouds: Part 1
Furious that he's no longer the richest kid in school, Chazz challenges billionaire Adrian Gecko to a duel in the sky!
29 Nov. 2006
Head in the Clouds: Part 2
With his powerful deck of cloud monsters, Adrian Gecko takes Chazz by storm!

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