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1 Aug. 2005
Welcome to Duel Academy
Jaden Yuki arrives late for the duel academy entrance exams. The principal insists he be given a chance, the Vice Princpal reluctantly agrees. He doesn't want Jaden there, and uses his own personal deck for the exam, to get rid of the late comer
11 Oct. 2005
Fureimu winguman
Jaden and Syrus explore the duel academy. They end up at the Obelisx dueling auditorium. Chaz challenges Jaden to a duel.
12 Oct. 2005
Etowâru saibâ
Crowler fakes a note from Alexis and puts it on Jaden's shoes. Syrus finds the note, Jaden placed his shoes in Syrus's locker, Syrus goes to meet Alexis. Jaden goes after Syrus. When they find Alexis, she says could report them for being out after hours, but says if Jaden beats her in a duel, she won't report them.
13 Oct. 2005
5-juu gattai! VWXYZ
The Academy receives a shipment of rare cards. Crowler gives Chazz the rarest/most powerful cards from the shipment and arranges for Chazz and Jaden to duel during the exams. How can Jaden win against Chazz's stacked deck?
17 Oct. 2005
Yami no dêmon dekki
Jaden and his friends hear a scary story about the abandoned Obelisx dorms where several students mysteriously vanished. Intrigued they set out to find the abandoned dorm. There they encounter a person who claims to be a shadow duelist, he's wearing the "Millenium Pendant" which looks suspiciously like the Millenium Puzzle. The shadow duelist has captured Alexis, he'll release her if Jaden defeats him in a Shadow duel.
18 Oct. 2005
Hanekuribô no kiseki
The shadow duel continues. Jaden finally realizes the truth behind the shadow duelist, then duel takes an unexpected turn.
19 Oct. 2005
Duel and Unusual Punishment
Crowler knows Jaden and Syrus were in the abandoned dorm. They're informed that they have to duel as a team in a tag team duel. If they don't win the match they'll be expelled. In order to prepare for the duel, Jaden and Syrus duel against each other. During the duel, they'll learn about each other's strength's and weaknesses.
20 Oct. 2005
For the Sake of Syrus
Syrus's dueling issues stems from an incident involving his brother Zane. Jaden tries to build his partner's confidence by challenging Zane to a duel. Zane is the top student at the academy.
21 Oct. 2005
Family Business
Chumly has been at the academy for years, his family believes it's time for him to come home. His father arrives to take him away from the academy. He offers Chumly one last chance to remain at the academy, if Chumly can beat him in a duel.
24 Oct. 2005
Tag Team Trial: Part 1
For being caught being in the off limits area of the old Obelisx dorms, Jaden and Syrus must face off against 2 professional duelists, the Paradox brothers. If they lose, they're out of the academy.
25 Oct. 2005
Tag Team Trial: Part 2
The tag team duel is going on. It's going to take team work to defeat the Paradox brothers. Syrus is still unsure of himself, but he's determined not to disappoint his friend/partner, Jaden.
26 Oct. 2005
Formula for Success
After Chazz's latest defeat by Jaden, Crowler begins to doubt Chazz's dueling ability. He has Bastion duel Chazz. If Chazz can defeat Bastion he's still worthy. If Bastion wins, he'll be offered a place in Obelisx blue.
27 Oct. 2005
Monkey See, Monkey Duel
When Chazz suddenly goes missing, Jaden and the crew go looking for him, but instead of finding Chazz, they find a dueling monkey who takes one of Alexis' friends hostage.
28 Oct. 2005
A Spirit Summoned
After some students accidentally summon a Duel Monster for real, it's up to Jaden to duel him and win their souls back.
14 Nov. 2005
Courting Alexis
Jaden and the captain of the tennis team face off in a duel. The winner of the match becomes Alexis's fiancée.
15 Nov. 2005
The Duel Giant
After a menacing Duel Giant is seen around campus, Dr. Crowler convinces Jaden to track him down, but when Jaden catches up with the Titan, he must beat him in a duel or become his next victim.
16 Nov. 2005
Nature of the Draw
When someone is stealing from the Card Shack, Jaden and the crew go on a steak out to catch the culprit, but when the thief turns out to be a former student who's been living in the jungle, a truly wild duel ensues.
17 Nov. 2005
The King of the Copycats: Part 1
A copycat duelist steals Yugi Muto's deck and mannerisms, and Jaden must duel him to win it back.
18 Nov. 2005
The King of the Copycats: Part 2
Jaden's duel with the copycat continues. Jaden must find the weakness in Yugi's deck to defeat his opponent
21 Nov. 2005
The Maiden in Love
A new student arrives and moves in with Jaden and Syrus. Soon Jaden catches the new student breaking into Zane's room. He challenges the student to a duel to find out what the student is really after.
22 Nov. 2005
The Duel Off: Part 1
Bastion believes he's finally figured out a way to defeat Jaden. Bastion and Jaden duel in front of the entire school. Bastion has found a way to prevent Jaden from summoning some of his most powerful cards.
23 Nov. 2005
The Duel Off: Part 2
Jaden is struggling in his duel with Bastion. The winner of this duel will challenge the champion from a rival duel academy.
8 Dec. 2005
The Little Belowski
Crowler hates the idea of Jaden representing the Academy at the school duel. He has a special student duel Jaden. The student has the ability to make people fall asleep.
9 Dec. 2005
The New Chazz
When Chazz ends up shipwrecked at sea, he suddenly finds himself at the doors of North Academy and in a fifty-man duel gauntlet to prove his worth.
12 Dec. 2005
School Duel: Part 1
Chazz and Jaden face off in the school duel. Chazz has a new deck and his brothers have come to put more pressure on him. The duel is televised across the globe.
13 Dec. 2005
School Duel: Part 2
Freedom is on the line as Jaden and Chazz continue to duel it out for school - and personal - pride!
14 Dec. 2005
Grave Risk: Part 1
When Jaden and the gang get trapped in an ancient world, it's up to Jaden to win a duel or be buried alive with the rest of his friends.
15 Dec. 2005
Grave Risk: Part 2
Jaden continues to battle in the duel of his life to save his friends and the chance to make it back to his world.
20 Apr. 2005
Doomsday Duel: Part 1
When the Shadow Riders descend upon Duel Academy to unleash the three Sacred Beast Cards, Jaden's up first to defend the school.
31 Jan. 2005
Doomsday Duel: Part 2
Jaden continues his duel against the Shadow Rider known as Nightshroud, who has extra mysteries of his own!
4 May 2005
Field of Screams: Part 1
A vampiress named Camula is the second Shadow Rider to arrive at Duel Academy, but she's not there to suck blood, she's there to suck up souls!
11 May 2005
Field of Screams: Part 2
Camula continues to wreak havoc at Duel Academy, this time setting her sights on Zane.
18 May 2005
Field of Screams: Part 3
Jaden steps up to confront Camula with the souls of Dr. Crowler and Zane at stake.
25 May 2005
The Fear Factor
Jaden and the gang get sucked into a strange vortex where a duelist who bears a striking resemblance to Kaiba forces Jaden to face his worst fears or be overcome by them!
1 Jun. 2005
Sibling Rivalry
Chazz's brothers have come back to Duel Academy for revenge, forcing Chazz to face them in a duel where if he loses, the deed to Duel Academy will be passed to them!
8 Jun. 2005
Duel Distractions: Part 1
The third Shadow Rider arrives and uses all her feminine wiles and charms to distract Bastion.
22 Jun. 2005
Get Yarr Game On!
A pirate challenges Jaden to a duel where if he loses, he'll be forced to become the first mate of a new Duel Academy at the bottom of the ocean!
29 Jun. 2005
The Dark Scorpions
In a desperate bid for the remaining Spirit Keys, a unit of the Shadow Riders called the Dark Scorpions steal them... but they end up having to face Chazz in a duel to unlock their magical powers.
6 Jul. 2005
A Lying Legend
The fifth Shadow Rider is unleashed upon Duel Academy, and with an undefeated dueling record and a legendary reputation, he's the most powerful one yet...or is he?
13 Jul. 2005
A Reason to Win
Titan the Shadow Duelist persuades Alexis to duel him to by promising to return her brother's memory is she wins... but if she loses, she'll be the one in need of rescue!
20 Jul. 2005
Duel Monsters Spirit Day
It's Duel Monsters Spirit Day at the Academy, but when someone who looks remarkably like Dark Magician Girl shows up for the annual Costume Duel, Syrus goes gaga.
27 Jul. 2005
Hearts Are Wild
A mysterious Gambler shows up at Duel Academy, and he's bent on dueling Alexis to prove his skills and his... love?
3 Aug. 2005
The Seventh Shadow Rider
When Jaden and the gang go searching for Professor Banner, they find the seventh Shadow Rider instead, and he's even more dangerous than they ever feared.
10 Aug. 2005
Amnael's Endgame: Part 1
Jaden must face Amnael, the seventh Shadow Rider, in a match that will decide not only his fate but the fa te of all his friends!
17 Aug. 2005
Amnael's Endgame: Part 2
Upon learning that the seventh Shadow Rider is really Professor B anner, Jaden must rise to a whole new level of dueling expertise to win the high stakes match.
24 Aug. 2005
Chazz a rranges a duel with Alexis so that he can prove his love to her, but Alexis has other ideas.
31 Aug. 2005
Rise of the Sacred Beasts: Part 1
Kagemaru, the leader of the Shadow Riders, descends on Duel Academy and demands a duel with Jaden so that he can raise the Sacred Beasts and win the power to rule the world!
9 Sep. 2005
Rise of the Sacred Beasts: Part 2
Kagemaru and Jaden duel each other with all their might as the fate of the world and Duel Monsters spirits everywhere hang in the balance!
14 Sep. 2005
Magna Chum Laude
Chumly's dream of becoming a card designer might be coming true. A card he designed has been accepted by Pegusus' company. He just needs a recommendation from the school to get the job. To do that he has to face off against the Vice Principal.
21 Sep. 2005
Graduation Match: Part 1
The top graduating student gets to pick his opponent for an end of school year duel. Zane asks Jaden to duel with him. The duel doesn't go as well as Zane hoped, Jaden doesn't seem to be dueling in his usual style.
28 Sep. 2005
Graduation Match: Part 2
Zane and Jaden's duel continues. Jaden is finally dueling as he always has. Zane explains why he chose Jaden as his opponent.

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