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26 Jan. 2008
A Dimensional Duel
It's a duel between two dimensions as Zane and Jesse square off in a back-and-forth battle to get back home.
23 Feb. 2008
A New World Order
Having agreed to go find Jesse, Jaden and the gang find themselves journeying through a strange dark world where getting your game on involves risking more than just your life points!
8 Mar. 2008
Dueling with the Dark Army
After hearing that Jesse may be imprisoned in a camp nearby, Jaden decides to risk everything to try and free his friend.
15 Mar. 2008
Turning the Page: Part 1
Jaiden duel against another leader putting again his life and his friends life in dangerous. For every single attack he do, one of his friends go to the stars.
22 Mar. 2008
Turning the Page: Part 2
Jaiden continue the fight against the new leader alone when his friends are sent to the stars and axel, jimmy and Syrus left him.
5 Apr. 2008
The Darkness Is Revealed
Axel and Jim set off to confront the Supreme King, and after challenging him to a duel, they soon discover that this mysterious ruler is an all-too-familiar... friend?!
12 Apr. 2008
A Sight Unseen: Part 1
After discovering that the Supreme King and Jaden are one and the same, Jim looks to stare down the darkness controlling his friend and defeat it with a gift given to him long ago!
19 Apr. 2008
A Sight Unseen: Part 2
With the help of the Eye of Orichalcum, Jim takes aim at the evil gripping Jaden!
26 Apr. 2008
What Lies Beneath: Part 1
After witnessing the dark powers of the Supreme King, Axel finds himself afraid for the first time in his life. Can Axel face his fears, or will the guilt of running scared force him to give up dueling for good?
10 May 2008
What Lies Beneath: Part 3
With the Supreme King strengthening his grip over Jaden, Axel unleashes an all-out assault in the hopes of finally freeing his friend from the depths of darkness!
24 May 2008
The Forbidden Ritual: Part 2
With the last of Echo's duel energy at stake, Aster Phoenix looks to change her fate with his deck of Destiny Heroes.
31 May 2008
Conquering the Past: Part 1
Hoping to teach his friend a valuable lesson, Zane challenges Jaden to a duel of heart-pounding proportions.
14 Jun. 2008
Conquering the Past: Part 3
As the battle draws to a close, Zane looks to make one last push to free Jesse from Yubel's mind-controlling clutches before his heart forces him to throw in the towel!
2 Aug. 2008
The Ultimate Face-Off: Part 2
The clash between Adrian and Yubel continues as Adrian attempts to unleash the Ultimate Forbidden One!
9 Aug. 2008
The Power Within: Part 2
Jaden, with the help of his Elemental Heroes, tries to free Jesse's spirit from Yubel's control.
16 Aug. 2008
Return of the Supreme King: Part 2
With the help of Jesse's deck and the power of the Supreme King, Jaden looks to deal a final blow to Yubel and free his friends from their dimensional detentions!
4 Jan. 2008
Opening of Graduation Duel! Neos vs Black Flame Dragon of Horus
Duel Academy's Graduation Duels begins, and Jaden Duels a second-year student named Daigo Sorano. Meanwhile, Trueman's attack begins in Domino City, where he begins absorbing residents into the World of Darkness.
9 Jan. 2008
Price of Decision! O'Brien Flame of Darkness
Axel finds himself Dueling Trueman, who uses psychological warfare and hallucinations to create darkness in Axel's heart, while taking the appearance of Axel's own father.
16 Jan. 2008
Saiou, Again! Activate 'Decisive Power of Absolute Destiny'
Jaden is saved from Trueman by Sartorius, but the latter is only part of the plot, being forced to Duel Jaden in order to save his sister, Sarina.
23 Jan. 2008
End of Destiny! Magma Neos VS Dark Ruler
Jaden's Duel with Sartorius continues, with the latter intent on saving his sister, Sarina
30 Jan. 2008
Duel Academia Crisis! The Gem Beasts Blocking the Way
Jaden is hallucinating, but begins to make his way back to Duel Academy. On the island, Trueman has taken the appearance and Deck of Daigo Sorano and is using them to defeat various students, continuing his siege, and absorbing people into the World of Darkness.
6 Feb. 2008
Invasion of Darkness! The Stolen Memories
Trueman's siege continues, and the entire school, save for Atticus is absorbed into the World of Darkness. In an attempt to free them, Atticus confronts Nightshroud.
13 Feb. 2008
Activate, Clear World! Ferocious Negative Effect
Atticus continues his Duel with Nightshroud as the latter reveals he has possessed Yusuke Fujiwara.
20 Feb. 2008
Battle Royale! Judai VS Johan VS Fujiwara
Nightshroud begins a Battle Royal with Jaden and Jesse, attempting to turn Jesse against Jaden. Jaden vows to save Yusuke Fujiwara from Nightshroud on behalf of Honest.
27 Feb. 2008
Rainbow Neos, Protector of Bonds VS Clear Vicious Knight
Jaden and Jesse continue their Duel against Nightshroud to save Yusuke Fujiwara. Nightshroud uses Trap Cards to manipulate the attacks and attributes of his opponent's monsters, while Jaden and Jesse narrowly avoid defeat after defeat.
5 Mar. 2008
Combo of Terror! Zero and Infinity
Jaden appears to be the last remaining human on Earth, with only Pharaoh and the spirit of Professor Banner for company. Nightshroud reveals his true form, as well as the origins of the universe. Jaden and Nightshroud begin their final confrontation.
12 Mar. 2008
Final Hope! Yuki Judai
Jaden continues his confrontation with Nightshroud as the latter finds a way to counter Jaden's "Neos Wiseman". Those trapped in the World of Darkness begin to gain their memories and emotions back as Jaden attempts to find a way to prevail.
19 Mar. 2008
Good-Bye Judai! Tearful Graduation Ceremony
Jaden attends his graduation ceremony and ends up traveling back in time, where he Duels Yugi Muto when he was at his strongest - just after winning the Battle City tournament and acquiring the Egyptian God cards.
26 Mar. 2008
The True Graduation Duel! Judai VS Legendary Duelist
Jaden returns to Domino City and faces The King Of Games himself, Yugi Muto (or is it Yami Yugi in Yugi's flesh?).

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