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The Ten Best Straight-to-dvd Releases of 2010

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The Ten Best Straight-to-dvd Releases of 2010
For the fifth year running, we tally up the Other Year's Best -- the films that made it to DVD (or onto U.S. home video in any format) but not to theatrical, which generally meant they posed too much of a marketing challenge. As in, the films were either too odd, too original, too archival, too subtle, too something. DVDs still stand as our go-to B-movie-distribution stream of choice, although as I've barked every year, video debuts are still not eligible for any year-end toasts or trophies. Except ours.

10. "Parking" (Chung Mong-hong, Taiwan) At first blush a Taiwanese riff on "After Hours," this measured little odyssey is more realistic, evoking those all-night odysseys we've all had, when time evaporates and tiny logistical dilemmas drive us insane and eventually it's morning and something about our lives is different. Chung doesn't spring for laughs when you think he will -- he holds back,
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Nowhere Boy | Film review

Sam Taylor-Wood tackles the troubled teenage years of lairy, mouthy John Lennon in her debut. By Peter Bradshaw

Of all Anthony Minghella's legacies to the world of cinema, among the most valuable may yet turn out to be the movie career of Sam Taylor Wood, the artist he far-sightedly mentored when she turned to film directing. Admittedly, this was a career with a dodgy start. I occasionally wake up screaming at the memory of Death Valley, the short piece she contributed to Destricted, the 2006 compilation film on erotic themes, which showed a man masturbating alone in the desert, while making startlingly unattractive gurning expressions. But then two years later, in collaboration with Minghella and screenwriter Patrick Marber, Taylor Wood directed the excellent short film Love You More: the story of two 1970s teenagers finding each other to a soundtrack provided by Buzzcocks.

Now she's stepped up to her first feature,
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Cannes proves that skin is in

Cannes proves that skin is in
CANNES -- Sex is selling all along the Croisette. Several indie companies ranging from from ThinkFilm to Samuel Goldwyn Films are engaged in a protracted bidding contest for John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus, a bohemian comedy-drama that doesn't shy away from unsimulated sex. IFC Entertainment has acquired all North American rights to the art-porn shorts compilation Destricted. And a host of other movies have filled the Festival de Cannes with hardcore images. While Cannes has never been known for its inhibitions -- three years ago, Vincent Gallo's full-frontal performance in The Brown Bunny was all the buzz -- this year, the cumulative impact of so many unblushing depictions of sex can't be ignored. "We haven't seen this much sex onscreen at Cannes in about thirty years," said veteran moderator Henri Behar at the Shortbus press conference. One of the most surprising developments to emerge as distributors circled the film is that even some corporately-owned studio specialty divisions such as Sony Pictures Classics and the new Paramount Vantage felt free to give serious consideration to a film with authentic, graphic sex.

IFC attracted to 'Destricted'

IFC attracted to 'Destricted'
IFC Entertainment has gotten in bed with Destricted, picking up all North American rights to the sexually explicit compilation of erotic short films. The film premiered in Jan. at the Sundance Film Festival and was shown here as part of Critics Week. The full-length feature comes from a who's who of seven provocative indie filmmakers, from Gaspar Noe (Irreversible) to Matthew Barney (the Cremaster series) and Larry Clark (Kids). IFC will distribute Destricted this fall through its equally controversial "day-and-date" program First Take, with a simultaneous limited release in late-night theatrical settings and as a video-on-demand offering to cable subscribers.

Sundance: Park City @ Midnight

  • This year is covering the 2006 edition of the Sundance Film Festival Live from Park City, Utah. We’ll be on hand to cover the festival, and while we won’t be able to cover everything from A to Z: here is a comprehensive beforehand look at the selections in each of the festival’s sections. (Note: To access individual preview pages, simply click on the links below) January 19th to the 28th, 2006Counting Down: updateCountdownClock('January 19, 2006'); "American Hardcore (2006)American Hardcore
[/link]"/U.S. (Director: Paul Rauchman; screenwriter: Steven Blush) -- Inspired by Steven Blush's book "American Hardcore: A Tribal History," Paul Rachman's feature documentary debut is a chronicle of the underground hard-core punk years from 1979-86. World premiere "Awesome, I Fuckin' Shot That!"/U.S. (Director: Nathanial Hornblower) -- On Oct. 9, 2004, the Beastie Boys handed out 50 Hi 8 cameras to audience members at their sold-out performance in New York's Madison Square Garden.
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