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Season 4

26 Aug. 2008
New Beginning
Now sensible Peter is replaced by a more accommodating partner, the agency can take crazily-daring new start. Another 'VIP casting' yields a load of new models, including a deaf-mute Texan. Against the new accountant's advice, a lavish Beverley Hills mansion is acquired with additional costs to remodel the master bedroom for the diva, a favor from Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone. A Cuban beachwear designer books for its new campaign new model Chandler, with an option on three girls. The LA HQ is closed down, so everyone assembles in the 'models house' for a ...
2 Sep. 2008
Out with the Old... in with the New
Although tension and resentment (except for JP) remain, the veteran models attend a party in the house to get to know the novices. Kehoe stars at the cross-dressing dare, which makes bitter rival Chandler reconsider his intention to abstain. The Kentucky jeans shoot is a hit, especially for Chandler, despite a late novice having her period causing a most unprofessional delay.
9 Sep. 2008
A Menace in the House
Kehoe harvests hostile animosity from some house residents by being noisy almost all night and 'showering' naked in the pool. The Kentucky jeans shoot goes well, proving new boys Chandler and deaf-mute Martin are made from the right model stuff. A party is organized to celebrate and alleviate the tension between old and new models in- and outside the house. Poor Kehoe is ousted without recourse.
16 Sep. 2008
Men in Tight Tights
Kehoe's expulsion for a drugs joke nobody takes seriously is confirmed, only JP joins support to reprimand, while a girl who willfully lies about double-booking is taken back after a sanctimonious scene. The male models start with mixed feelings a ballet training session wearing as uncomfortable as embarrassing 'dance belts', yet many end up enjoying the charade, especially deaf Martin, who comes trough without any musical cues. The worst dancers are taken in the house, as some other struggling models.
23 Sep. 2008
Love Is a Four Letter Word
As part of their health & habits training, the models get an introduction to yoga. Only Chandler stars as 'brainiac' when Janice's teenage daughter asks the gang questions for her history assignments. Ed Hardy Loungewear turns up to book Payton again, as face for a whole campaign, and agrees to do a photo-shoot in the house, for which Gavyn, Paul and Traci are also hired. Kehoe worsens his changes of returning by turning up uninvited repeatedly. Sorin sweetly serves the dinner Maurice cooked for Crystal, but is scolded beastly by Janice for massaging later.
30 Sep. 2008
Designer Cracks the Whip
Fashion designer Merlin Castell, a whip-cracking, effeminate would-be couturier, correctly scolds the girls unprofessional and too commercial for his catwalk, yet accepts to return. The female models get a short course in movement, especially for the catwalk, and treat some boys, who were let off to a club, to virtual lap-dances. Paul flirts innocently, Sorin acts jealously against Chandler, who is also hounded by Janice for innocent remarks she shamelessly spied upon.
7 Oct. 2008
Living Large
A client is looking for some Plus-Sized models for a shoot and Janice is forced to oblige.
14 Oct. 2008
Size Does Matter
Janice has trouble with the concept of plus-sized models, and a client gets upset when she fails to appear at a shoot.
21 Oct. 2008
Everything Is About to Change
JP feels 'old', the odd man out at 30, and is promised he may turn agent. Instead of taking responsibility for loosing a client, Janice blames everyone else, by extension even all of California, mainly 'the models', but especially Nathan's plus-size project, for 'sabotaging her dream'. The models do well at an ecology benefit's 'green' recycled material fashion show. Revealing her spy control chamber spreads concern among the models, who get scolded constantly and some are fired. Janice decides to leave for 'high fashion-minded haven' New York with a few models but is...
21 Oct. 2008
Reunited and It Feels So Good
Janice sits down with the models and looks back on what has transpired over the seasons with clips from previous episodes thrown in.

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