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Entertainment Weekly
Hamilton, in her movie debut, is a find: the kinkstress next door.
The Hollywood Reporter
Carnal, crazy and, most amazingly, heartwarming love story.
[Goldthwait] handles it beautifully, crafting from such rough stuff something astoundingly sweet and sharply funny about forgiveness, unconditional love, tenderness, and the things we hide just to get ourselves from one day to the next.
Lacks the marquee names and production values of big studio romantic comedies, but it connects on an emotional level most of them fail to do.
In the end, it's not Amy's secret that's the most shocking thing about Sleeping Dogs, it's Hamilton's fearless commitment to making what could have been just a cheap punch line into something warmer, richer, and far better.
Rather than the escalating gross-out spectacular it could have been, Sleeping Dogs Lie is an unexpectedly thoughtful look at what it takes to make relationships work.
Goldthwait's movie, shot on video that makes it look dragged through puppy poop, is an unholy mess. But it also possesses a quick wit and an endearing tenderness toward Amy as honesty wrecks her life. It's sweet, doggone it.
New York Post
It's not exactly going to be on PETA's 10-best list.
There are no laughs to be had here, though, unless you count nervous titters and frat-boy sniggers at the very thought of, you know.
New York Daily News
Goldthwait explores his themes more thoughtfully than you'd expect, but ultimately, we know just how things will end. And what's subversive about that?

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