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Wonderful Christmas movie...

Author: adstephenson-1 from United States
1 December 2006

Christmas is my favorite time of the year mostly because of watching all of the Christmas movies that are out there. This definitely qualifies as one of my favorites. Hallmark Channel is tops on my list during the holiday season. I have always been a Crystal Bernard fan but even more so after this. She is beautiful and looks especially beautiful in this movie. Marriette Hartley was also good in her role as the rich and snobby mother. Steve Guttenberg was wonderful as well. I would like to see one more sequel to this series where it shows how life for them works out once they arrive in the North Pole. I will keep my fingers crossed for that.

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Meet The Santas (The Hallmark Channel)

Author: RiceLakeWiGuy123 from United States (Rice Lake, Wisconsin)
26 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Meet The santas"(2005) Sequel To "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (2004) Which Both were created By The Hallmark Channel ( & Was just as good If not Better than "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus".

I Love the Chemistry between Crystal Barnard & Steve Guttenberg. I'd like to them act together again in another Santa Movie, or that matter any good movie with a good script.

Hollywood nowadays doesn't seem to think chemistry is too important anymore.

The Hallmark Channel pumps out original movies out monthly and does so with quality stuff.

Anyday I prefer Hallmark movies over Pay channel's movies.

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It's a fun movie, but...

Author: P. Thorpe Christiansen (writer143) from Montana, USA
16 December 2009

I love these kinds of mindless, fun movies with no serious point to make. There are no politically correct lessons to learn here, but entertainment. I miss just plain old entertainment.

My two complaints on this lightweight Christmas movie are the Santa laugh that Steve Guttenberg's positively grating and couldn't sound less like an enthusiastic Santa if he tried--and the really poor wig on father Santa.

Seems like for a few dollars more they could have gotten something that doesn't look like it came out of a dumpster behind a pet store.

If they could dub the laugh, and fix that wig, then this one would be great fun.

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Better than the first one

Author: Mandy Hardy-Cane from United States
18 December 2009

I still have to leave off one star because of the constant "ho ho ho" laugh by Nick. An occasional one would have been enough. And I think that the idea of the Santa's being, well, actually "the" Santas, was carried a little far by everything they owned being red. But I loved the Christmas tree that Nick kept making bigger! Once more folks, this is a Christmas movie. It is not great film-making and it isn't (usually) going to be Oscar material. It's just a happy, enjoyable little movie that SHOULD make most people (Scrooge excepted) smile. And come on, Crystal Bernard is beautiful and talented and the guy that plays Santa is cute and lovable. Quit looking for great films and enjoy Christmas!

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DVD Release

Author: giggles_32181 from United States
9 January 2007

This movie is one of my absolute favorites. I own Single Santa seeks Mrs. Claus. I would love it is this too were released to DVD. Such a neat movie. Great acting and wonderful story Line that makes you remember what it was like to believe in Christmas. I just loved how "Santa" goes back and forth from the North Pole to the house all the time and the growing Christmas tree. It makes me laugh every time they snap their fingers. Other movies that I liked were A boyfriend for Christmas, and A Christmas Card. Both of these were also shown on the Halmark Channel. I really like a good story line that doesn't make you think too much and one that is able to incorporate comedy with drama. Hope you enjoy this too.

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One of my top favorites!...along with part 1.

Author: adoptshelterpetstoday
19 December 2014

Although this movie was made in 2005, my review is here to say that these Christmas movies (part 1 & 2) are timeless...since they continue to be enjoyable year after year!

The talented Steve Guttenberg and talented Crystal Bernard carried the great plot so well!

I like it because it really stays focused on Christmas...and in a delightful way...and with magic...and with no annoying characters! That is the way GOOD Christmas magic movies are supposed to be.

The plot had a nice flow...not boring at all...all of the players were great...the lines and directing were great.

Thankfully their dialogue was not drowned out by blaring, annoying "music" or atrocious some other Hallmark Christmas movies are noted for having.

The only one oddity that stood out was Crystal's heavy TN accent...compared to her "mother," who had no accent and spoke ultra-refined. That didn't make any sense.

But in such an enjoyable movie as this...always a pleasure to watch... who cares??

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Author: Michael O'Keefe from Muskogee OK
12 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Not exactly the sequel you've been holding your breath to see. This is the follow up to SINGLE SANTA SEEKS MRS. CLAUS. Just about the whole cast returns for another round of forced Christmas gaiety. Its amazing how Hallmark Entertainment TV can gain profitable numbers in presenting these turkeys more than once. But it is safe holiday fare for the family. This time Nick Claus(Steve Guttenberg)is working overtime to afford the most perfect wedding. Beth(Crystal Bernard)finds that her society mother disapproves of Nick and definitely has no idea he is Santa Claus' son. Others in the cast: Marcia Ann Burrs, Dominic Scott Kay, Armin Shimerman and Mariette Hartley.

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Xmas gloop

Author: Framescourer from London, UK
22 December 2006

First of all, this made-for-TV film is a sequel. Believe it or not, Guttenburg et al made one of these for the previous Christmas.

Well, that on-set experience must have been a good one for them to agree to a second outing. And, in fairness, there's a warmth to the slapstick, seasonal comedy and chintziness which one can laugh along with. Neither is the conceit (i.e. Santa needs a Mrs to get the magic to work) straight out of the stockroom.

But, my goodness is it cheap! The North Pole set looks like it was constructed as a one-off for John Stewart's Daily Show while chez Bernard is Texan soap-leased. As are the hairdos. The script IS stockroom, and dusty with it. Guttenburg... well, he's a chirpy chap, but the bags under his eyes make him look as weary as the whole exercise. For all the novelties that got it green-lit in the first place the final half hour is obsequious, indigestive bleurgh. 2/10

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UGH! What a total waste of time!

Author: Larryw76 from United States
25 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sequel to "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus" *WARNING* - Spoilers ahead! Hopefully not enough to ruin the whole movie, but you have been warned! I comment on plot devices, so it would be somewhat spoiler, but the review doesn't work without the information Well, I saw the first in the series (noted above) and didn't think much of it. With the framework in place, I thought this feature might pull it together better, however. Wrong.

In brief, Crystal Bernard is Beth, the fiancé of the heir to Santa, (played by Steve Guttenberg as Nick).

Beth's Mother is a harsh dictator who rules with a iron fist, and when Beth turns to her when it appears that she can't put together the marriage she wants in time for Christmas Eve (long story) she brings the fist down on Beth.

OK, lets look at the problems: VERY slow pace. Wastes the first hour wandering about plot-wise, then when the Mother is introduced, she is impossibly harsh (so harsh that the plot device of Beth asking for her help isn't believable, an elopement (or suicide) would have been more believable (and quicker!)) Steve Guttenberg plays his part as a total nitwit. So annoying that it isn't funny. In the first movie he shows some brains/parenting skills. Nothing here, just dumb.

The end of the movie wraps up in the last 10 minutes! So sugary I just about gagged, with WILD changes of heart that were completely out of character (Come on, should of used some that first wasted hour!) These actors are able to do MUCH better work. This was SO dumb I was happy to tape over it.

Let me offer some ideas: The Mother should have been much softer (or does she really hate Beth that much?) to begin with. Not being a Santa believer is fine, but...

Next, have Nick win her over some, like Beth. A last minute solution made this a waste of time.

Also, why CAN'T we take the characters to the North Pole? Other movies have done so with some plot device for some continued disbelief.

UGH! I wanted this two hours of my life back. (I kept watching HOPING it would get better) In short the best part of this movie is the advertising spot!

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Fantastic fun for all the family, and probably your friends too.

Author: Matthew Wright (thefiresidechronicles) from TFCPodcast
21 December 2012

Lets get one thing straight, I LOVE Steve "The Gute" Guttenburg. The man is an acting colossus. However, even I, arguably his biggest fan in the England and Wales area, was not prepared for the sheer acting clinic that he put on in this film. From start to finish, this was the Guttenburg show. He owned the screen in every shot, from his authentic Christmas laugh to his down to Earth smile. Whilst the other actors in this film portrayed their roles heroically, they looked like amateurs in comparison to Mr Guttenburg. One actor I would like to single out for some slight criticism is Dominic Scott Kay, who played Jake. His performance made me want to eat my own eyes out, and if I ever meet him in person I would have no hesitation in punching him square in the throat for nearly ruining an instant Guttenburg classic. Judging by his performance he has obviously not been acting for long, which would make me question the casting agents decision to hire him for such a prestigious role. If I were the casting agent, I would have personally hired Kiefer Sutherland for the role of Jake, as he has already cut his acting chops, and established a screen and radio presence. To conclude, this Christmas classic is already a must watch in my household and I imagine that come Oscar season it will be rolling in Academy Awards and praise. The emotionally moving ending will have you bauble-ing and reindeer-ing tears from all angles. Simply put: PERFECT. Apart from Jake who was really bad.

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