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  • Because she is marrying the man who assumed the mantle of Santa Claus last December 26, Beth's postponed wedding has to be rescheduled for Xmas eve. Overwhelmed by selling the house she and her son share and the prospect of the duties of Mrs. Claus, she has to call on her estranged socialite Grinch of a mother to arrange the wedding. Of course her mom has never met the fiancĂ© nor his family and has no inkling of his secret. This is a sequel to 2004's Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus.



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    Nicholas "Nick" Claus and Beth Marshall have been engaged for a year and are finally getting married on Christmas Eve, after several postponements. They couldn't be happier as they and Beth's nine-year-old son Jake, rush to reschedule their long-awaited nuptials and get ready to become a real family. After the wedding, they plan on taking over the family business from Nick's dad, Santa Claus who has officially retired. Looks like it will be a honeymoon in the North Pole, as it is Nick's busy season.

    Beth is thrilled that not only has she found love again after the death of her first husband, but that she's found someone that loves her son and her son will have a step-father he adores. Beth and Jake know the truth about Nick's identity and they have come to terms with what their new lives are going to be like living way up North.

    Beth soon finds that planning a Christmas Eve wedding means she should have started planning in June. No one is available with such short notice: no caterers, no minister, no florists, nobody. But she is determined not to postpone her wedding one more time. To put even more pressure on, Ernest (Armin Shimerman), Nick's faithful and fussy executive assistant, dutifully informs Nick that there has to be a Mrs. Claus for Nick's first Christmas as Santa otherwise there won't be a Christmas.

    Beth realizes she is in over her head and needs a wedding planner ASAP. Their first choice is Ernest, but he is already overwhelmed with holiday preparations, so Jake comes up with the idea of his maternal grandmother, Joanna Hardcastle. Beth can't deny that her mother could plan the Macy's parade in mere minutes, but everything has to be done Joanna's way. She reluctantly agrees to call her mother with whom she has never been close. Joanna says yes to the plan, but not without letting Beth know how difficult it will be to pull all of this together at the last minute. Beth will be paying for this favor one way or another.

    Nick asks Beth if she has told her mother that he is Santa Claus yet. Beth admits she hasn't and explains to Nick that Joanna is a prim and proper high society-type. She is nervous enough about her fiancé meeting her mother for the first time; never mind trying to convince Joanna that her future son-in-law is Santa Claus! Nick will have his work cut out for him just trying to win over Joanna with her intimidating, frosty personality.

    When Beth, Jake and Nick arrive at Joanna's imposing mansion, Nick is understandably overwhelmed. Joanna's demeanor is as off-putting as her house.

    Luckily, her welcoming, long-time housekeeper Winnie makes up for the lady of the manor's lack of warmth.

    Joanna eyes Nick critically and immediately begins to put him through an interrogation: what does he do for a living, what is his family history, etc. She then begins to go over the pre-wedding and wedding schedule which has been planned down to the minute with military-like precision. Joanna has turned the requested small, romantic wedding into her own major social production with a guest list of 150.

    Beth is as overwhelmed as Nick. Her mother has a way of making Beth feel like a 12-year-old again, like nothing Beth ever does is good enough. The truth is Beth has been trying to earn her mother's approval her entire life. Beth is stunned when the boy who first kissed her in kindergarten rings the mansion's door bell. This handsome man is recently divorced (for the second time) and wants Beth to be wife #3. Beth sees Joanna's intrigues already starting.

    Not only is Nick overwhelmed with the wedding and meeting his new mother-in-law, but the list of responsibilities to complete before Christmas is a mile long. If Beth was already his Mrs. Claus, she would be able to take some of the burden off him, but according to the rules, she can't do any of the official duties until they are married because she doesn't have the North Pole magic to help her yet. So Nick has to magically transport himself back and forth from the mansion to the North Pole without arousing suspicion to deal with everything from approving gift scrolls and wrapping paper to baking cookies for all the elves.

    When Nick's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, arrive, things become even more complicated. To say the two families are a study in contrasts is an understatement. Nick informs his parents that Joanna does not know their family secret yet. They are not happy to hear this, but agree to let Beth tell Joanna the secret in her own way.

    The night of the big engagement party brings more pressure for Beth and Nick. All of Joanna's society friends are invited and she is more worried about impressing them than if her daughter and future son-in-law are enjoying themselves. To make matters worse, Nick gets called away on a North Pole emergency.

    Nick returns from the North Pole to ask Beth's advice with a Christmas emergency. A family's home has burned down in an electrical fire and Nick needs to pick out last minute gifts for the children. Nick is having trouble figuring out what the little girl wants. Beth tells Nick she is not ready to help him with this, but he nudges her. At first she says a doll house and a doll, and then changes her mind because she senses the girl is a tomboy and says a basketball and a bike. Beth then says she has no idea what a child she's never heard of or seen would want for Christmas and runs outside.

    Meanwhile, Joanna won't let up and rips into Beth about Nick's lower-class, uncouth family and how they don't fit into their world. Between the pressure from her mother and Nick, Beth finally reaches her breaking point. She confronts her mother and tells her that not only are Nick's parents wonderful people and she is worried about fitting into their world, but she tells Joanna who they really are. Of course Joanna doesn't believe Beth. She thinks her daughter is deranged or she's been brainwashed.

    Beth breaks down, tells Nick that she loves him, but she's not good enough to be Mrs. Claus. She's never even managed to get Christmas right for her own son, never mind the pressure of getting it right for the whole world. She calls the wedding off and takes Jake back home to the house she has sold.

    Nick is devastated. Worse, Ernest informs him that Christmas simply can't be Christmas without a Mrs. Claus. All of a sudden, the Christmas lights around the house go out. Joanna gasps as she finally gets it. Suddenly all over the world, Christmas lights go out. People start taking down their tree decorations, returning gifts, and canceling holiday plans. The Christmas spirit is nowhere to be found.

    Next morning Beth and Jake are in front of their house when a young girl named Poppy Frost rides up on a brand new bike with a basketball hanging from the handlebars. Poppy tells Beth that even though Christmas was cancelled, a man said he wanted her to have these gifts. The accompanying card said they were from Beth. Poppy doesn't know how Beth knew exactly what she wanted, but came to thank her.

    As Beth re-enters her house, she finds Nick inside waiting for her. He asks her to forgive him for pressuring her to do something she wasn't ready to do. Beth tells Nick she should have trusted him. They embrace and the wedding is back on. Ernest, Mr. and Mrs. Claus and Joanna Hardcastle, now a true believer in Santa Claus, soon arrive. Since Christmas has been cancelled, caterers, florists and the minister are all very available. The wedding Nick and Beth always dreamed of is a reality just in time to get Christmas back on track. As Santa Claus kisses his bride at the end of the ceremony, Christmas lights all over the world begin turning back on. The celebration is understandably short because it is Christmas Eve and the world's newest Santa Claus has a job to do delivering presents to children everywhere.

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