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Season 3

26 Oct. 2009
The Awakening
Zane has a surprise: his dad bought the café and made him manager. He renamed it after Rikki, whom he makes a full partner. Tonedeaf Nate nearly ruined the first life music performance, but Lewis saves with Irish Isabel "Bella", whom the other mermaids just accepted after discovering she's one of them as they all abused their power to hassle playfully taunting surfers. Hunky local nature lover Will goes diving around Mako island. He discovers the magical cave, but it's a full moon and the serpentine water column knocks him out before escaping to attack the others. It ...
27 Oct. 2009
Jungle Hunt
Will and Bella discover they're the new kids in school. He's determined to return to Mako island and search for the cave entrance to find out what happened to him. Bella offers to come along to keep an eye and try on him. The others decide to follow, even Angus who's convinced nothing remains to be discovered about the moon lake. During the journey Wil tells he was previously schooled at home. They arrive and manage to get Will out before the water tentacle reappears, albeit too weak to hurt anyone, unlike full moon.
28 Oct. 2009
Keep Your Enemies Close
Cleo applies for the vacant job of assistant dolphin trainer, despite the water splashing risks. She's hired on trial basis by chief trainer Laurie, who ignores her utter lack of talent and chases Will, who strikes an instant friendship with star dolphin Ronny. Her humiliating failures would be fatal hadn't Will, who takes pity on her apparent aqua-phobia, brilliantly done all the work hidden underwater. Nate's band is fired by Rikki on account of its lame sound. Self-centered Belle presumes that's personal against her. For lack of an short term alternative, Zane ...
31 Oct. 2009
Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's Day. Belle, who can have any other boy, dreams of Will, who is concentrating on athletics and biology, oblivious of her romantic thoughts. Rikki claims she's against the commercial nonsense, yet disappointed when Zane expects her to work extra as it's one of the café's busiest days. Cleo spoils Lewis's annual fishing because that is lame to a mermaid. Her kid sister Kim is driving dad mad having become flirtatious and shamelessly milks knaves Kyle and Corey's rivaling generosity. Dad Don thus has to neglect the fishing permit officer, Sam, but ends up...
7 Nov. 2009
Big Ideas
Zane has bought motorbikes to earn rent from clients, but also organizes a rugged range race, offering $1,000, confident to win himself. He actively recruits competitors, greedy for their $100 entry fees, including Will who has to borrow the cash. Learning Will has experience from his parent's Andes posting, bad loser Zane enlists Nate to cheat roughly, but fails. Will's precise recollections about the aggressive Moonlake tentacle help Lewis device a test which shows the key is mixing water from the lake itself and the waterfall, albeit apparently very weak except at ...
14 Nov. 2009
Secrets and Lies
Will orders a mono-flipper, which allows him to dive almost like a mermaid. He accepts to form a private study group with Bella, ignoring she imagines that virtually makes them a couple. Will shows her his impressive boathouse, full with treasures from his family travels, but cancels the first appointment. Having seen him receive a slightly older female there and dive with her, she assumes he's 'cheating' and meanly abuses him publicly and even under water, seconded each time by Rikki, only to find later it's just his sister Sophie. Will still forgives them. Lewis ...
21 Nov. 2009
Happy Families
Zane already hired Will's somewhat haughty sister Sophie for the job in the café Rikki wanted to give Bella, who doesn't really care after all. Dan introduces his girl-friend Samantha Roberts to his daughters. Cleo is willing but can't accept swimming. Kim refuses but accepts bribery to bless their engagement.
28 Nov. 2009
Drawing helps Will remember he lost his torch on Mako, so he decides to return there. It's a full moon, so the scared mermaids spend the night together at Cleo's. Will is angry when Bella, who invited him to ask her help any time, refuses to accompany him. Suddenly a water tentacle sneaks up and drags her to the moon-lake. The moonlight had transformed her into water hadn't the others followed, so Cleo can counter the effect. Lewis, who had placed a camera in the moon-lake, joins Will on the expedition, retrieves his but can't prevent Will from finding his torch ...
5 Nov. 2009
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Lewis wants the tentacle-potential cave water safely disposed off, but the girls can't resist experimenting further behind his back. Thus Cleo's goldfish Hector gets caught in a floating bubble, which may drop him in the wild. Will, who has a school assignment appointment with Bell, is painstakingly kept away. Lewis grudgingly accepted to accompany pa Sertori as golf partner. Although he novice at the game, he proves a natural, yet decides to let Don win.
12 Dec. 2009
Will is delighted when Bella brings him a rare deep sea fossil. He invites her to come discuss it and her music at his boathouse, but she runs when he keeps asking about her water-phobia and other quirkiness. Rikki sneaks in and realizes his study of Mako already covers all the pieces of the mermaid story puzzle. Although nearly on kissing terms, Bella grudgingly accepts to dump him while he spills water on her and discovers she's a mermaid. She lies to be the only one, the others supposedly don't even know. After some consideration, Will promises to keep her secret.
Just a Girl at Heart
Bella thinks Sophie is mean because she coaches Will ruthlessly demanding, but that's only because she found a corporate sponsor, Don King. Will lets her act as 'guest coach', but to demonstrate her idea of facing water as your friend she dives with him when Sophie arrives with Don, so Will has to pretend he's 'too tired' to prevent her being found out as mermaid. Zane launches the café in hosting corporate functions. He leaves RiKki in charge of the first booking, but it turns out the 'junior talent agency' consists of children who want junk food and a clown. When ...
19 Jan. 2010
Crime and Punishment
The café staff is flat out, so Sophie commandeers Will to help out as delivery boy. He notices strange things and a fake bill as his tip. When Rikki delivers to the same men, actually counterfeiters Steve and Chris, on their boat, she sees a bag full of fake bills and is kidnapped. Will exchanges his information with Cleo and Bella for the truth about the Mako mermaids, then helps them free Rikki, so they can celebrate her birthday with Lewis and Zane in the moon cave.
21 Jan. 2010
To Have and to Hold Back
Pa Sertori finally announces his wedding to Samantha 'Sam' Roberts. Cleo is completely out of the mood when Kim betrays that Lewis, the best man, has, unexpectedly, won an overseas three years scholarship, which he must confirm and leave for the day after the café-beach ceremony. Kim practices more sabotage. Everything works out in the end, on Mako.
Mermaid Magic
Zane resents Will having become part of the team but fails to make the girls doubt his reliability. Hearing Will needs a sponsor for his competitive diving without oxygen, Zane asks a demonstration claiming the café is interested. In fact he hires Cameron and Nate so he can cheat be diving 40 meter himself and receiving oxygen. Will decides to go for 60, fair, but ends up unconscious. Rikki arrives just in time as mermaid, finds out the truth and gets him a generous contract. Meanwhile, the Moonpool study shift from the controlled tentacle to the rock which swallowed ...
Power Play
Laurie's Dolphin Rescue needs funds, so Will and Bella think of a rock benefit. Sophie snaps up the idea for Zane's café, with her in charge. Bella seems petty complaining about 'her idea being stolen' and refuses to play songs from the official list, which gets her band banned. Sophie messes up everything. At the Sertori home, Kim turns her sabotage efforts against Sam to the bathroom and manages to shift the blame on Cleo.
The Dark Side
It's the next full moon, so the gang is to hold a slumber-party in the café. Zane is jealous of Will's invitation, so he invites his own rowdy mates. Kim also turns up, and as she lacks permission, pa Don, who once again is made to believe Cleo just as mischievous. Rikki swims alone to the moon cave at tentacle time. Only Will arrives in time to witness the confrontation, but it turns only on him, yet she tells the others Will saved her and swears him to secrecy.
A Magnetic Attraction
The Sertori girls wouldn't welcome Sam's dinner guest and colleague, park ranger Ryan, until they see the handsome devil. As a natural scientist, he eagerly offers to help Cleo with a 'school project', actually the gang's study of the moon cave rock, which they discovered to be strongly magnetic. Rikki is hostile to the whole idea and retreats into the cave, feeling best there. Will reluctantly breaks his word to her by telling the other mermaids about Rikki's apparent control over the tentacle, which she now refuses to presume hostile.
Into the Light
Park ranger Ryan discovers Cleo lied about the magnetic rock and sets out to explore Mako. Zane refuses to join Rikki on a secret mission, actually spying on Ryan. Will is in time to stop her after destroying his magnetometer. Seeing how the others turn away from her, Will regretfully betrays to them their tentacle experience, which only adds to her bitterness. Sam stupidly forbids Ryan to pursue his research with Park Service means.
13 Apr. 2010
It's the big day for Will, Gold Coast free diving championship. 'Coach' Sophie and sponsor Zane expect him to be dead-eager, but Bella notices he cares less for winning then for loyalty to his sister. Finally he decides to do it and wins, then refuses to pursue the competitive circuit. Meanwhile Rikki had playful trouble with a dolphin, whose balls she promises Cleo to collect, and coldly dumps Zane.
Queen for a Day
Now that Rikki and Zane have broken up, he rehires and appoints Sophie as the café's new manager. She immediately asserts her new authority by changing the staff and the decor. Meanwhile, something is causing Bella to sneeze and set off her mermaid powers uncontrollably. Because of this, Cleo is pushed into temporarily replacing Bella as lead singer of the band.
The Jewel Thief
Will made a jewel like Bella's from the blue crystal he found in the cave. Experiments show they attract, and when meeting cause a power-cut, to unsuspecting pa Sertori's despair during the football season finale. Ignoring Will's call for caution, the mermaids seek and find a third crystal, for Cleo. Meanwhile Zane, who came confront Will about Rikki, finds and takes the second, which he tries to get Rikki back with, but she stands by the break-up, acting jealous about Sophie, escalating to Zane threatening to divulge the mermaids' secret.
Mako Masters
The next new moon is at exam time. Rikki doesn't concentrate on study, wondering only about the cave and crystals, unlike Cleo, whose concentration breaks down however when she realizes the moon phase requires the mermaids to hand in their papers five minutes early. The tentacle makes it way to the mermaids earlier then expected, unstoppably, causing weird phenomena. Will has to overthrow the water-cooler, so the physics exam is canceled and rescheduled next day. Meanwhile in the cave, the tentacle reacts to the crystals by showing a comet's impact, perhaps its own ...
Beach Party
It's the end of the school year and the student council organizes a beach party instead of the traditional formal dance. Sophie hopes it's time to make Zane accept Rikki broke up so he'll change the cafés name from Rikki's to Zane's. Will wants to go with Bella but after he practices asking her with Rikki, is mistakenly assumed to be her new boy-friend, so Belle asks Nate. Cleo gets a telescope she assumes to be from Nate, not fiancé Lewis, but turns out to be from Ryan. Ultimately the truth gets known.
Too Close for Comfort
Zane's warning not to neglect girls' need to be the center of attention makes Will attempt to show an interest in her musical career, but that stirs trouble in Nate's band. Her lukewarm, even physically disastrous interest in his fossil collection is easier solved. Kim's nagging 'only we never go on holiday' drives dad Sertori to seek a part-time second job now trawler fishery is slow. His success as pirate captain Don however proves too tough competition for Cleo's dolphin show within the marine park.
A Date with Destiny
National park scientist Ryan examines why the fish is moving, so as to wreck Don's catch. Ryan's question about the moon-cave crystals, which he realizes must stem from a comet, bring him in contact with Sophie, who points out the mermaids. Zane's café is about to go bust in a week. Realizing that would cost her job, Sophie comes up with a plan: harvest the precious stones for sale, and suggests they must come from Mako. They enlist Zane to finance the necessary equipment.
Just before the gang's graduation, comet Eva approaches, which they work out is attracted by the moon cave crystals and nearly caused a major catastrophe in Ireland where it was probably diverted by a mermaid centuries ago. They frantically try to work out how, finding not the crystals are the key but the tentacle. At graduation day, Cleo gets the ideal present: Lewis is back.

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