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5 Jan. 2006
Starting Over
The Bradshaw girls learn the company's board has lost trust in founder dad Trevor, who is no longer in a position to give Paige a New York apprenticeship. Jason has a hard time bringing himself to work in the Tanner marina, and tells Ginny, who admired his late dad Bob 15 years ago, he drowned in a storm. Danny learns his dad Ray Ellis's arcade is in deep debt, owing $10,000 to the company's HQ fast; he's desperate enough to ask financial advice from bored Paige, who commandeers his presence -'sorry', Erin- to assist her stat in elaborating a business plan on her ...
12 Jan. 2006
Chemistry Lessons
Danny can't spend much time enjoying Erin's hip-hop class on the beach -he stinks at it, hopping all but hip, yet craves her, even more 'private lesson'-, most of his time is spent trying to save dad's arcade from imminent bankruptcy. Paige didn't even consult Danny before spending $3,000 from his posters sale -bad enough to service urgent debt- on an espresso machine, pricing the product deliberately c25 under the nearest competitor, who can't match because of overhead. Even more daunting is her next project: rent the cleaned-out storage room for $600, when that ...
19 Jan. 2006
Family Portrait
Now Jason is finally back on kissing and memory lane terms with Tanya, sleeping on the beach, his ma complains about her 'intrusion' and Danny about doing all his marina chores, being grumpy as Erin refuses to 'risk their friendship', yet ends up kissing. Seeing them together is the first uppercut today for Paige, who next is told Danny and his dad sold the espresso machine to spare their neighbors the competition. Her dad Trevor is back, but only to hold a 'family photo-shoot' to look good for the shareholders who appreciate family values; ma Ginny objects to the ...
25 Jan. 2006
Getting to Know You
Ginny talks to former Summer friend Alan Murphy, who bought the bookshop. While training for the wake-boarding tournament Wake Jam, Jason meets two-fold champion Trent Carvallo and his trainer Kyle Mackenzie, but Jason's own program falls trough when pushing the pace makes his boat break down beyond his repair skills. After he finds Tanya high again, she promises to stop using. Lane overhears dad Trevor made ma Ginny sign a dodgy declaration, finds for sure there is no witness against him and makes his first flight in dad's private jet as Mook's drug courier. Erin's ...
1 Feb. 2006
Summer Solstice
The mayor ignores Danny and Paige's popular-proven plan for a restored dance hall, meanwhile Ginny helps her old friend the bookshop-keeper organize the annual solstice party on the beach. When resident Dr. Adrian accepts to take wake-boarding lessons with Paige, she rents for the whole summer an ideal speedboat for Jason and offers him free use of it to train for the championship in exchange for free use of his marina, he hesitates out of pride; Paige tells married Adrian not to play the jealous lover. Lane hints he knows about dad Trevor's tricking ma when ...
15 Feb. 2006
The Bradshaws get a surprise visit from Ginny's sister Patricia and her kids, young Mitchell and Goth Zoe. Even mayor Tallis is eager to see shy Jason win the wake-boarding tournament 'for Falcon Beach'. Danny enjoys Erin's frolicking, yet feels it's going too fast now; she didn't expect him to fall in true love and fears he'll still dump her later. Grumpy barman Tom clearly disapproves of Tanya's abuse of -unpaid- alcohol, so she lies he committed sexual harassment to her 'too' when a rumor is taken serious by their boss who fires him; Jason knows her better, she ...
22 Feb. 2006
Local Heroes
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1 Mar. 2006
The Blame Game
After the 14 year-old boy's drowning in the lake, the police investigates. Head lifeguard Rory Elcock suggests Erin may have exhausted herself as reputed Party Girl, and asks Jason to replace her as qualified, although inexperienced life guard, or the beach could close down. Guilt-consumed Erin desperately needs dear Danny's sweet, strong shoulder to cry on, he even testifies to make her sound good and concentrated. After an interview from Social Services, Paige dares blame Dr. Adrian Keeper for reporting Zoe's pill theft (as legally and ethically required) 'because ...
8 Mar. 2006
Papa Was a Rolling Stone
Despite another loan payment delay, Jason and Peggy's marina debt looks desperate. Then they get a visit from his cool uncle Steve, a fellow aquatic sports amateur just back from Singapore, but ma harbors a now open grudge; pressed by his impatient contact Minang, Steve demands Peg pays him immediately $43,000 arrears in Bobby's inheritance- that would mean selling the marina, which she refuses to consider even now Jason no longer cares and tells he knows about his late dad's affair with Darlena; the financial facts force her hand. Danny is worried as Erin not only ...
15 Mar. 2006
Trust This
Jason already hired a contractor to build another marina dock and started training Danny's kid brother Phil -an expensively slow learner- to replace him before Wave Crusher has conceded his sponsorship, and despite his 10% coach Kyle proves a demanding bastard, who pushes Jason so hard to qualify for the championships that he waves Adrian's warning to rest with a knee injury and insists on a short-term cortisone shot. Paige's joy over Harvard admission is tainted by the idea of leaving Adrian, whose 'separated' wife Maria turns up clearly unwilling to get divorced, ...
25 Mar. 2006
Kyle warns Jason he's better off without a lush like Tanya. Paige brings badly beaten-up Lane to Dr. Adrian Keeper, who patches him up and calls the police, but dealer David 'Mook' Stafford blackmails officer Koch to betray Lane's position and later to strand him, so all his efforts to keep $10,000 behind to flea to London with Tanya are in vain. Paige, who told Jason she broke up with Adrian, enlists Jason's help first to bring Lane to Erin's, later to bring the $30,000 from Lane's locker to Mook, who got Lane again after Jason forced him to talk to the police, alas ...
1 Apr. 2006
Reckless Love
Sponsor Wave Crasher sends Jason PR manager Alex(andra) Townsend to meet him and make a promotion video with Kyle. After Dr. Adrian told startled Erin she's pregnant, daddy-to-be Danny is supportive but given no vote, she feels too Catholic for an adoption, too young for motherhood; pa Ray Ellis consoles Danny when she plans to give their child up for adoption, but is dead-set against becoming her Vancouver room-mate till the birth, yet they decide to start a family. Lane is interrogated by the police, the $30,000 drug money held as evidence, ma refuses to keep ...
8 Apr. 2006
Summer's Over
Now Summer ends, people prepare to leave Falcon Beach, even Danny to go with pregnant Erin. Jason insists to have the new dock finished before the new season and is happy with Paige, but as Adrian refuses to risk damaging his knee permanently by continuing the cortisone shots, the pain kills his training; reluctantly Kyle promises 'someone'. Lane is arrested for dealing to Georgie; Ginny refuses any help, dad Trevor gets him a lawyer but expects support in the divorce case, and enlists Paige to oversee his local real estates interests during her Harvard Summer break, ...

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