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Season 2

After the Fall
Pregnant Erin's parents can't stand her being with Danny, so he accepts their pay-off to return to Falcon Beach- only with her, a long car-drive. Jason soldiered on after loosing the championship because of his knee-injury, or in his mind mental block. Now the new tourist season starts, he's eager to have it started with fireworks, even if the mayor cancels those, so he goes look for the supply in Danny's dad's shed. Trevor is back with Lane as his heir-deputy, Paige only visits as daughter; ma refuses to drop the divorce if pa returns the cottage, they compromise on ...
12 Jan. 2007
Strawberry Social Reject
Danny and Erin are desperate after her miscarriage. After a week she irrationally blames him, Dr. Adrian assures him it was congenital, untreatable anyway. She promises to go talk with Adrian at least once, but instead goes to a party where she gets picked up by two rather too frisky boys, who beat up poor Danny when he comes to her rescue. Trevor can't get Ginny to join 'as a family' the annual posh South Shore's Strawberry Social, but convinces Paige to reluctantly come to that cocktail party, where she finds a mischievous friend in Courtney True, a fellow socialite...
19 Jan. 2007
The Spins
The Bradshaws hope renowned investment reporter Lester Selby will put their resort on the map, Paige plays the fat hedonist's host, helped by Courtney True. As salon client, Nathan Rai learns about Tanya Shedden's lawsuit and discusses her legal options with local attorney Greg Oluffson, then suggests her a better approach: self-defense; Jason suspects a Trevor-trick but drags her home, drunk from a party the night before the trial. Erin's fickle state of mind, running wild and even sort of inadvertently almost kidnapping a baby in its pram, slowly drives Danny crazy....
26 Jan. 2007
Even after her break-up with Jason, Paige refuses to help pa's firm Oasis to Jason's marina, by seduction or foreclosure on the Tanner debt, but gets pa Trevor to make a partnership offer ma would gratefully accept. Jason still wants to fight, even though he must win $2,000 splaying strip-poker against frisky client Renee Foster to keep going day to day. Lane pays Mook to 'gas-leak' the marina, but the drug fiend messes it up, still demands more then they agreed, by force, so Lane stabs him and buries the body. Airhead Tanya is still on the bottle and blames ma ...
2 Feb. 2007
Turn Card
Pending insurance pay-out, Jason is reduced to waitering at the Glenview country club, where a poker buddy allows him to keep full tips. After a lab report concludes the explosion in the marina results from negligence or a crime, it will be a long wait, and expenses exceed $50,000. After Mook starts appearing in a nightmare and visions, Lane desperately tries to destroy all evidence. Adrian helps Tanya find a place to move out to, Lane looks down on it but still stays to make love. Paige convinces dad to shush -mainly environmental- community protest by ordering a new...
9 Feb. 2007
The Music Video
Danny gets a visit from Kelsey, who witnessed him planting false Indian artifacts, but she turns out most friendly, just steals a kiss. Alas Paige, who nearly lost her PR job with pa Trevor, also figures it out and finds the mailing box... Now he has won $60,000, Jason has stopped foreclosure on the marina, but remains in urgent financial need, so Mr. Sinclair's offer to make deliveries by speedboat for his water-sports company at his own convenience, $400 a trip, is too good to resist- or to be quite true, Jason soon realizes it's contraband boat parts, yet he can't ...
16 Feb. 2007
The Bradshaws need to convince billionaire Max Krieger to invest in their project, so his passion for Corvettes is played at; lawyer Nathan only hands over the keys for one if Paige consents to go out with him once; he arranges a speedboat the morning before the meeting, but it breaks down out of cellphone reach, so Lane hires as last minute hostess Tanya, who just dumped him. When Jason's ma dates a local deputy, Sinclair simply cancels his $400 deliveries, but as she believes her 'boy' can't handle someone replacing his pa yet, all that gets reversed. Danny and ...
23 Feb. 2007
Sins of the Father
Now Jason has made his first dirty money on contraband, rich old CEO Sinclair tempts him to steal for $5,000, although lover Courtney -whom he tells about dad Bob- offers a loan instead. Nathan keeps courting Paige, like a gentleman at the office, clumsy after hours, until... Gordon wants the suddenly again hot lush Tanya back in Europe, to pay off debts while the hype lasts. Danny wrestles with his unethical fling, potentially illegal underage intercourse, with 17 year-old Kelsey, who hopes Tanya will launch her in modeling. When Jason seems to shut him out, he can ...
2 Mar. 2007
Thirteen Minutes to Midnight
When the police arrives at the venue of Gavin's talent contest co-hosted by Danny, nobody seems able and willing to explain how they and the place got into their pitiful state. We however get for several regular characters a set of -partialy overlapping- flashbacks to the evening, which taken together amount to the following. The contestants, who can only win the right to name a new drink, make most amateuristic attempts to entertain the public, mainly singing but also in bizarre ways, such as Courtney's origami version of Jason wake-boarding. Danny is down as ...
9 Mar. 2007
Lovers and Cheaters
Now the bank is foreclosing on their marina, the though Tanners take the uppercut as proudly as possible, trying to turn to the future. Tanya's nagging wears lover Lane down to telling her the gory details about Mook's death and clandestine burial, so his nightmares return; ma Ginny insists to ask her over for dinner. Paige starts selling Oasis apartments before they are actually build, especially at favorable sale and bank rates for locals, including Darlene, but when she worries about accounting inconsistency, Lane shows her dad's finances are millions at peril and ...
16 Mar. 2007
Permanent Collection
Now the Tanner marina is as good as lost, Jason helps Danny trying to win a new truck in the 9th annual scavenging hunt. Paige becomes their objective ally and insists Danny should grab his chance to go to college. Ginny entertains her rich lover Michael Prescott and resists Trevor's latest attempt to talk her out of a divorce. Lane turned up with Tanya, but the nagging snake makes love with Adrian behind his back. Courtney participated with Adrian, but hurts her foot. Jason gives his blessing to ma's cop date. Bored without patients except Courtney, Adrian becomes ...
Jason is happy with rich lover Courtney True, who invites him along for the winter to Switzerland, where she arranged for him a job as snowboard instructor which he accepts after Danny points out with him in college and the Tanner marina sold there's nothing keeping them in Falcon Beach. Paige dumps Nathan for not deserting her dodgy dad's firm, which starts building even before the marina is officially transferred, then quits Oasis herself, feeling her PR advice is systematically ignored. Tanya promises Adrian to leave Lane for him. The police has finished the arson ...
The Next Life
The Tanners have the marina back, but close up as the tourist season is over already. Jason also has Paige back and breaks up with Courtney, who however claims she'll be waiting 'when' Paige dumps him for her own goals. Now Oasis is virtually bankrupt, Paige is disinherited and decides to use her Harvard trust fund to reimburse local investors. Jason invites her along when he goes wake-boarding in Texas all winter. Michael takes Ginny on an overseas voyage, she decides to finalize her divorce. To Danny's delight, Erin is back, but now he chooses for his own future, ...

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